Since 2013, SU-35 will launch a series of

Since 2013, SU-35 will launch a series of
Mass production of multi-purpose fighter Su-35 for the Russian army is expected to start in 2013, while the creation of the PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation) — since 2015, said correspondents mon Russian Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Viktor Bondarev. «
Su-35go since 2014, even, perhaps, in 2013, in the series. T-50 — after 2015 «- said Bondarev mon at the opening in Moscow, Russian Air Force Centennial.

First flight of a fighter fifth generation — a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) was held on 29 January 2010. World aviation community aircraft was first shown 17 August 2011 at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS in Zhukovsky.

In May this year, it was reported that the preliminary report on the results of the municipal testing of Su-35S is meant to get in the 3rd quarter of this year. Then in the aviation industry source told «Interfax» that by the end of this spring, Su-35, involved in the flight test, perform more than 540 flights.

Source explained that «This number includes all flights both within the state tests, and that way the demo, other flights.»

In accordance with the signed in 2009 state contract for the purchase of 48 Russian Air Force Su-35s this year is planned to build and deliver customer 8 aircraft of this type.

Earlier it was reported that virtually all instrument created for fighter of the 5th generation programmke «promising aviation complex tactical aviation» (PAK FA), can be installed on the Su-35S. An exception may be a small amount of TSA, which is planned for the future of the internal suspension on the PAK FA.

According to the press service of the company «Sukhoi», during the preparatory flight tests of Su-35S is one hundred percent proven main established flight and technical properties (LTH), on-board equipment and super maneuverability, tested durability and maneuverability characteristics, properties, propulsion, navigation work system.

Compared with previous generations of fighters PAK FA has some inimitable features, combining the functions of attack aircraft and fighter. Introduction of composite materials and innovative technology, aerodynamic build aircraft, measures to reduce the visibility of the motor provide an unprecedentedly low level of radar, optical and infrared signature. This can greatly increase the effectiveness of the military operation in both air and ground targets, at any time of a day or night and in normal and adverse weather conditions.

Achieved the highest speed at the ground is 1,400 klm, at an altitude — 2400 klm / h, the ceiling — 18 thousand meters Detection range in the «air» — Above 400 klm, which greatly exceeds that of standing armed aircraft. The airborne radar to detect and accompany several targets at ranges greater than 80 klm. As part of flight testing on the fighters come to pass more than 500 flights. The complex is ready to undergo tests for combat deployment, noted the press service of «Sukhoi».

According to the professionals of the company, the amount of work performed by the test already allows for the moment to come to the conclusion that the best Su-35/Su-35S has LTH significantly in comparison with standing armed with machine-analogues and installed avionics equipment can solve more wide range of tasks, certain tactical and technical specifications. Inherent in the possible properties allow aircraft to exceed all tactical fighters generation 4 and 4 + type Rafale and EF in 2000, upgraded fighter type F-15, F-16, F-18, F-35 aircraft and counter F-22A.

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