Slonim: Porec commemorated rebels Michal Volovich

Member of the BPF "Revival" Ivan Bedka mentioned on the grave of an uprising forced departure Volovich expounded in Paris and return to their homeland. Spoke as royalties dealt with the rebels, as Michal punished Volovich in Grodno and as with Russian authorities and at the moment the name of the silenced state hero.

Member of the Union of Belarusian Writers Alex Yakimovitch sensually likened the current Belarusian patriots fighting for the Belarusian statehood with the way it fought for Volovich, Kalinowski, Kosciusko.
He also recalled how in 2003 this yeart cross was installed next to the church and the place where the estate Volovichi a colorful shore Schara.
In 2003, an Orthodox priest, who came to the parish from Transnistria, ordered to dig a cross. Later found the cross next to Scharoy and put in the cemetery. Locals say that it is in this place and buried Misha Volovich together with the rebels.

Over the grave of Misha Volovich and his rebels now sounded "God Almighty."

Back in 2003, next to the church was a cross memory Volovich and rebels. By order of the Orthodox priest cross dug and dumped beside Scharoy. In the XIX century. On the spot Orthodox Church Uniate Church was built M.Valovicha forefathers.

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