So as not to lose the memory of the sins of Communism

The initiative to make a museum of memory in 1992 by the group of Romanian scientists and public activists headed by Ana Blandyyanay Rusanov and Romulus. In 1998, the museum itself, with the support Council of Europe was created in the town of Sighet in northern Romania, where in the days of communist rule housed bullpen for political prisoners.
Museum operates closely with international communication research center of communism, which is located in Bucharest.
But the museum itself — it is not only exposure, it often held scientific conferences, conducts research, operates a summer school.
On Museum in Sighet says Ana Blandyyana:
"During the year, our museum is visited by about 40 thousand people. Our museum — the first of this kind in Europe, because it was put Council of Europe on a par with the most famous memorial, such as a museum in Auschwitz. The main principle of our museum — if justice has no hurry to be a form of memory, memory itself must then be a form of justice. One of our goals — so that young people, a new generation has not lost the memory of those timesah.
The main museum is aware of communist repression in Romania. But in this museum has exhibits on the Hungarian Revolution, the Prague Spring, the history of Polish "Solidarity". I believe that our museum would be fascinating and Belarusians. "

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