Solidarity day mark in the framework of the 10 cities

A day of solidarity in Vitebsk Belarus waving white-red-white flags.
Portraits of disappeared Zakharenko, Victor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky appeared in subways, bus stops of public transport in the Belarusian capital and in regional centers.
In Minsk districts Uruchcha and Robin about the big stores appeared portraits of political prisoners.
Usually in street protests — flash mobs and pickets — participates in more youth. Now 6pm on October Square scheduled a human chain in which except for youth activists will participate UCP members. So they express support for his own colleague Andrei Klimov.
United states favorite civilian party Anatoly Lebedko
"We get to remember that there is such Andrei Klimov, who spent most of Lukashenka in the dungeons. Subsequently month — an action of solidarity with Alexander Kozulin, later with Dashkevich, etc. I think we recall not only that yes political prisoners, but that certain people have had any mother, relatives, friends. This problem, which applies to all. "
Street solidarity rally held in Soligorsk, Borisov, Zhodino, Mogilev, Grodno. Activist "Malady Front" in Salihorsk Ivan Shyla was involved in all the actions of solidarity 16 th. Despite the fact that he may soon make a list of political prisoners (soon to be tried for his role in an unregistered organization), male perceive the role in the present action.
"Usually in Saligorsk will share in the central square. This is a chain of caring people. They will keep portraits of political prisoners — Dmitry Dashkevich, who turns 26 on July 20 years. This action with relatives of the missing and prisoners" — read Ivan Shyla.
By eight in the evening usually around Bernardine monastery people gather to pray together for the fate of believers, political prisoners and free future for Belarus.
Dmitriy Fedoruk says:
"By these actions the youth wants to read that it is not indifferent to the situation in our country. We wish to suspend this list, its extension to more than none youth for their political views did not get behind bars. We’re going around the Bernardine monastery, which is now taken not only the building, which belongs to the Catholics, but, indeed, taken the Christian heart of Belarus. "
How many shares will be held in front of the building of the Belarusian Embassy in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the United States and Western Europe.

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