States that the father of Polish lustration?

June 4th "Belgazeta" contains interviews with the man in Poland called "lustration dad." Viktor Martinovich told "Freedom" why the topic burning and Belarus.
"We will have an interview with Bronislaw Vildshtaynam from Poland. We approached him after provocations against the Belarusian opposition members of the secret services. ATTENTION case in Pinsk, or movie, not so long ago shown on BT? But with this we called sovereign Vildshtaynu that in Poland considered the creator of lustration, because he published a list of almost 240 thousand names of people who were lurking Russian secret service agents. motivate us his outlook about lustration expected in Belarus and it must to do with people who are informed on neighbors. "
By As the last, journalist states that recognizable spokesman from Poland changed some former positions.
According to Victor Martynovich, second principal theme rooms "Belgazety" will cancel grants: "We will consider how it is possible that the Russian economy will survive the abolition of subsidies."
The freshest issue of the weekly "newspaper Slonim" raises painful problem of preservation of cultural and historical heritage. Journalist Sergei Chigrin told "Freedom."
"In old days was 80-years of the library in the village of Bolshaya Krakotka. This library for the first time in Belarus was paid Yanka Kupala. It was back in 1927, the year when the life of our singer! Library — a real museum, which contains 10’s books autographed by Yanka Kupala and Belarusian writers. And on the anniversary of the Library of the National Assembly deputy Czeslaw Shmyagera stated that the anniversary — the last, because the library is closed. 80 years of popular cultural institution Slonim worked funds squandered, and now closed? The official reason — no money for repairs: the roof leaks, the facade is necessary to fix … Head Library Hope Chabanenko led such numbers: in the library fund 11 thousand books, and she serves 200 people, because in the villages than inhabitants. But can not find another way out, and not get rid of our inheritance? "
Also "Newspaper Slonim" analysis of the situation in the town. The fact that the center of Slonim once a year intensively repaired, prettier, but the streets and neighborhoods county authorities’ attention is not enough. "For example, the streets of Brest, Tapalevay, Albertin neighborhood. People write about this a lot in municipal institutions, but nothing changes," — says Sergey Chigrin.
Where the young resident of Brest to get a job for the summer? According to the journalist Dmitry Patalyatava such addresses smallness. Of different circumstances and Enterprise office in the town of Bug do not wish to arrange to use the services of young workers. Employee "Brest Courier" Lena Chen on razgavaryla this topic Secretary Municipal Committee BRYU: "Out of the hundreds of applications, only 30 managed to meet only through personal connections" — the pro-government activist pashchyravav organization. Newspaper predestined dilemma summer youth employment numbers for the whole strip 4th of July.

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