Stephen Sukharenka look for?

Stepan Sukharenko agreed to an interview for the "People’s Will", but did not answer all the questions. At least, he does not know the background of this resignation and place their own new work. States that the president’s decision not is discussed.
Or linked his resignation to the Chairman of the National Audit Office beating Zenon Lomat? This question Sukharenka said if it was a provocation against Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, in his situation at the moment would have been Naumov.
According to the correspondent of "Narodnaya Volya" Maryna Koktysh, sire Sukharenka not desired to comment on what is currently happening in the power:
"He said that the resignation should be prepared at least some control from the first destination for a day or office. It says that the president is a man that if he called, he will serve him."
Rumors about his arrest Sukharenka comments not very willingly. States that "a variety of speculation about his walking and still probably will go."
Stepan Sukharenko mom lives in an ordinary house, without the phone. Next — house where I grew up managing ONT Gregory Kissel. With him they grew together, walking to school.
KGB chief was taken aback last arrival of journalists, says Koktysh:
"When we arrived, it, together with the whole family was sitting next to own the parental home. His appearance was that of normal. He says that will not disappear, he immediately gathered his family and left to the mother. Prior nedavneshnego time they’re all together rested. "
Stepan Sukharenko states that he was being watched. When reporters arrived, the next to the house there was a car with antennas, says Koktysh:
"He sent her note said that this car came shortly before our arrival. Later, when we arrived and began to speak, there’s still drove the car, braked a few meters from the house and so very slowly drove next to us looked two guys there. He says that he was staring so. Tracking. "
Relatives of the village Zdudichi not recognized during a conversation on the phone that there was Stepan Sukharenko. His wife’s brother, who died eight years ago, Anastasia so to speak on the relative dismissal from the post of head of the KGB:
"Just sorry man. I believe that the one who fired him, no heart, nothing else. Think pleasant to listen to native here is! And to know that the person has given his whole life, all your health. Learned, vyshkrabsya, as they say. So here, nicely?
I, too, had taken ill, I just pity him as a person. And I know that these people need to turn up. Very frustrating and not good here is to listen. So it’s just a man drown, crush, that’s all.
Well, you know, thank God, alive. And so God gave him good health. If people want to live, he will live. Anywhere will work and live. "
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