Su-30 will ensure compliance with «legitimate demands» BEIJING

Su-30 will ensure compliance with
China sent fighters to comply with foreign countries has recently announced the «new air defense identification zone» over the East China Sea, reports November 28.

PLA Air Force completed the first flight of fighter aircraft, including the Su-30 and J-11, said a spokesman for the Air Force Colonel Tszinke Shen (Shen Jinke). In this area also flew AWACS aircraft KJ-2000 (Was created on the basis of IL-76 — approx. «VP»).

Designed in Russia Su-30 is a two highly maneuverable combat aircraft capable also affect land and sea targets. Single fighter J-11 Chinese-made can also make strikes on ground targets.

Fighters had a «routine air patrols to gain control of air targets in this area and make the historic goal of the Air Force,» said the colonel in a statement posted on the website of the Ministry of Defense said. He also said that «this is a defensive measure in accordance with generally accepted international practice.» China’s armed forces are in a state of «high alert and ready to act with the introduction of different means of air attack to firmly provide antiaircraft cover for the country,» the statement said.

As you know, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia did not want to make demands of Beijing, considering them illegal. Not so long ago two «unarmed» bomber B-52 U.S. Air Force flew in the area, which the U.S. State Department described as holding «routine military exercises.»

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