Survey in Minsk: Why date July 27 included in the history of Belarus?

Guy: "Do not ever interested."
Man: "signing day in the Bialowieza Forest? No? Then I do not know."
Guy: "If I am not mistaken, some hassle won. Maybe Declaration adopted. I tend to think that was a hassle. I do not remember … I’m a musician, and they are all so windy! Know just must be concert, and now it will not, because it forbade. "
Correspondent "July 27 some part of the population Belarus will celebrate Independence day. Do you understand what it involves? "
Man: "In time the Supreme Council, even before the Belarus presidential republic, approved today as Independence day, but the decree of President Lukashenko this prazdnichek canceled. "
Guy: "Why the 27th? Do not know."
Man: "It’s hard to say … But I know that on 3 July Independence day and the 27th Independence day also. Maybe it prazdnichek town? Or not? "
Guy: "I have not heard about such a day."
Reporter: "And when you celebrate Independence day?"
Guy: "Officially, July 3, since the liberation of Minsk was July 3."
Man: "By this occasion You can argue a lot. We previously were too independent. What began in 1945 are independent? From whom? "
Woman: "May 9th day of Independence. We overcame."
Man: "March 25 Independence day. BNR day proclamation in some circles."
Reporter: "And about the July 27 have not heard?"
Man: "No, not heard."
Woman: "It’s a pity, but also did not hear anything."
Guy: "I can only assume, but do not know exactly."
Man: "I think, we these days Independence very many. One — when Minsk released, but not the whole of Belarus. 2nd day of independence — when scoop collapsed. I believe that the day should be one of independence — 25 March, when formed BPR. "
Reporter: "When the day of Independence in Belarus?"
Guy: "July 3. Day of liberation of Belarus."
Man: "July 3."
Reporter: "And about the July 27 have not heard?"
Man: "No, not heard."
Guy: "I know that the day of Independence moved from 27 th to July 3, he says, because people have desired."
Lady: "In a day or learned quite the case since climbed on websites on the web and read that on July 27, it seems, in 1991, signed the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipality. But found out quite the case."

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