Svetlana Aleksievich: Cuba in Europe can no longer be

Drakakhrust: "In This year Belarus 11 times celebrates independence day on July 3. This date — an occasion to talk about in something wonderful nature of the state, and maybe even the state ideology that instills Belarusians current government. The point here is not only that it is either not true, and that is why it would work in general.
Typically, state identity — something by definition unique and separate — is based on the same unique, separate from other values, historical and cultural events: the French celebrate the anniversary of its own French Revolution, the Americans — the proclamation of their independence from the British Empire, etc.. At the same time, according to the official version, the historical and cultural foundations of today’s Belarusian state independence — not a separate Belarusian, and cooperative with other nations, first Russian. Russian power? So she was the authority of the country community. Lofty Russian war? So then there was Russian Fatherland Alliance.
You can build a strong national identity on such a foundation? In case of conflict with the same Russian, and this winter we have such a conflict and watched — possible ensure national mobilization on values that are just common with Russian?
With all this and other conflicts Russians argue that Belarusians same — such as we have them and the ideology is based on what we have in common. Prikroem cock, and they will be ours. And every time the Russians with these discussions glow "blue flame". Why? "
"Power is not used brainpower civilization"
Aleksievich: "I do not think that Russian politics and culture experts have no rights to own these arguments. Their is a chance here and there in the country, the internal confrontation. I’m not a fan of Lukashenko, Belarus but, as it is surprising, kept on it even on the illusions and hopes of youth.
But our government is built on an old Russian, Slavic haryzmatychnastsi favorite. It is not pretty enough to us, intellectuals, but it accumulates peasant fear progress, change, and at the same time a peasant sobering.
Power uncultured, and now even on intuition strong favorite for a long time can not resist. The processes of globalization, growing religious and Belarus should join to something. Cuba in Europe can no longer be.
But our government is not ready for the brand new time. Goes vulgar period: people gorge make evraremont, travel, and in a hurry it mattersbe, as former hungry savages have any brains sits, it may end soon. And this time the animal must somehow ideologically cover. What? Their power is not used brainpower civilization. If given the freedom to debate ideological freedom, something would have matured in society. None of this is done, but instead begins The old Russian klikunstva: here we had a war.

"What is it all the same kind of ideology — let people fed and watered? Excuse me, but this is not a cattle farm."

At the moment I travel a lot on the Russian Federation and Belarus. Border there, but power — Russian, people — Russian, and all the attributes of Russian thinking. It works with both Russian and Belarusian side. Just there mental capacity and other means of others. While this little SHELTER there petrodollars here — kolkhoz cunning. But it will have to respond. Long this state will not sustain the crotch. And there is no Belarusian country. What is it all the same kind of ideology — let people fed and watered? Excuse me, but this is not a cattle farm. "
"Civilization nivelyavali to use vulgar levels"
Drakakhrust: "Do not formed impression that the only institution — the foundation of today’s models natsyyatvarennya chosen by the Belarusian authorities, is the head of Belarus? It does not institute, not as president, but a certain person who holds this post — Alexander Lukashenko. In a sense, the power builds the Belarusian people as people Lukashenko, and while this model somehow works. Later? Lee not that system — whether national unity work when the rod lost this unity? "
Aleksievich: "Lukashenko paradox rests not only on his personal qualities. Opposition we have weak and poorly trained, she does not live in the world of contemporary challenges. Necessary to pay tribute to Lukashenko that he learns quickly, he — what is called a political animal. And here we all got defeated. intuition He paralyzed his people, he threw a low level, the level of use. Civilization nivelyavali to use vulgar level, of what whole world click yells that it’s way into the void. And we still called it progress.
Lukashenko mix transition to this new, strange, horrible place and his personal property coincided with the passage of time. He gave the feeling that nothing in the world has changed. Maybe it is true that it was someone else’s expense, but savetskasts in it — that’s what keeps it himself, and the illusion people.
I have a house in the village to live in the midst of ordinary people, not the writers’ dachas. And there is one farmer said to me: "But leave Lukashenko and will! What would the same chaos." And I saw what people are afraid of what fears nomenclature, which can be and can not stand it, so he humiliates her and holds in horror, fear farmers who receive small salaries, but if you want — two cattle hold, want — 10. They are afraid, they feel the chaos that will come. After suppressed any resistance force, the force of ideas, the power of nomination.

"Now the Russian Anti-western keeps on offense — not fooled West supported, not made equal. What keeps the feeling that we Belarusians? On grudge against the Russians, they are rich, and we …"

Remains that there are young people. Even representatives of the Belarusian authorities they say, people, especially young people, feel in a separate state, that we are here — Belarusians, and there — Russian. It’s like in Russia. Now what keeps the Russian Anti-western, especially among young people? On offense — not fooled West supported, not made equal.
What keeps the feeling that we Belarusians? On offense for the Russians, they are rich, and we … Offense — is a bad foundation. Inability to change generates sacrifice, which is very brutal creature. And I think that we expect a very languid times. And they will. "
"Mixture bullpen and kindergarten"
Drakakhrust: "In the end — of the pitfalls that may be, has a model of the State and natsyyatvarennya chosen by the Belarusian authorities. Many economists they say at the moment about the real consumer boom, which is observed in Belarus, as evidenced by — significant increase in purchases of cars and indescribable rising real estate prices, especially in the capital. And this despite the fact that just after the power of the Belarusian-Russian oil and gas war click yelling about it must prepare for the worst times, tighten their belts, as evidenced by, for example, the decree Lukashenka about saving. And people Tipo not hear as if for himself says: "Nothing, our father still somehow wriggle out of." And he continues to take, take, take. Or does it really mental trap and for the authorities and for the people? And what this trap may end? "
Aleksievich: "I believe that we — not individuals, and not all there is, according to local criteria. Currently only in Islamic countries more energy works religion. And the rest of the world was completed while the majestic history. People are disappointed of all the ideas and magical senses. And Belarusians — a civilization that was delayed, with the unfinished state — leave the big stories in his little story and they say, "A plague on both your houses! There are now at the moment, and I want to live now. "
It is we, trusting sixties, wondered what it all falls apart — and people will rush to repent, to build a government study freedom, and they rushed to learn to live. They are children, all trying. I had to stumble with Russian oligarchs — Berezovsky and Abramovich. And it would seem — all people have, but even they brag that have caught. And the people that the least wealthy, least boast yachts.
We, Belarusians, still such nedoformirovannoy body and throw you into adulthood. Definite time favorite Tipo defended authoritarian society made such a mixture bullpen and kindergarten. But the world is — and we have, on unprepared ground, faster and more than scary — dictatorship malehankih man who wishes to relish there is not enough work.
In your own home, I tried to change a gas stove. So it’s a day or two need to sit on the phone, 10 women are responsible for you, but no one is responsible for anything. And maybe for a month to have someone come. They get new salary probably already go to any used cars from the West, but the ability to work — all the same. Only wish they were trained.

"Favorit while not knowing what danger — malehankih man dictatorship, the dictatorship of his love. But if he will be disappointed if that’s all he did not give, and he just walked in taste — what will be his terrible hatred?"

Favourite himself unaware of the danger, a first for him, and for the people — human malehankih dictatorship, the dictatorship of his love. But if he will be disappointed if that’s all he did not give, and he just walked in taste — what will be his terrible hatred? And there is nothing to be touched by this kindergarten, who wishes to live. We — as kids, and it’s very scary for all of us. "
Svetlana Aleksievich: "I’m not Russian writer", 31.05.2007

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