Sweden called fault conditions from developing fighter Gripen NG

Sweden called fault conditions from developing fighter Gripen NG
Swedish Ministry of Defence refuses to finance the development and procurement of promising fighter JAS 39 Gripen E / F NG, if the purchase of such aircraft refuses Switzerland, reports Defense News. Currently, Switzerland is considering buying 22 fighter Gripen NG, won the tender for the Air Force. Sweden previously hoped to share with one of the prospective buyers the cost of establishing a new aircraft.

At the end of August 2012 the Swiss government approved the purchase of 22 Swedish fighter Gripen NG, but the deal is still in question. Namely, against the purchase of aircraft previously acted as Swiss parliamentary commission, which called the transaction price likely overestimated. Swiss authorities plan to hold a referendum to find out people’s attitudes towards buying fighters.

In May 2012, Switzerland announced that it will accept a role in the program development of Gripen NG, if a final decision on the purchase of aircraft. Meanwhile, the Swedish Ministry of Defence plans to acquire 60 to 80 new fighters, the creation of which is conducted on the basis of available JAS 39 Gripen C / D. The possibility of not purchasing Gripen registered in Sweden draft defense budget for 2013.

Meanwhile, the Swedish company Saab is planning to implement in the coming 10 years, 300 Gripen fighters of different versions. This assessment takes into account the possibility of implementing Gripen Switzerland, Brazil, Thailand and several other countries, conducting tenders for combat aircraft. Gripen fighter aircraft form the basis of Sweden. In addition, they are armed with the Czech Republic, Hungary, England, South Africa and Thailand.

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