SWEDISH FIGHTERS will join the NATO Response Force

SWEDISH FIGHTERS will join the NATO Response Force
Last week, the Swedish government decided in 2014 to join a squadron of Gripen and mine-sweeping ship of the NATO Response Force (NATO Response Force — NRF), reports The Avionist December 2. Another eight «Gripenov» will be joined in 2014.

The NATO Response Force consists of 25 thousand soldiers and, if necessary, may act without the help of others as a separate military formation. In addition, the Swedish fighter with the Norwegian and Finnish will participate in joint exercises Iceland Fighter Meet 2014 (IFM14, 3-21 February 2014).

Increased cooperation between Sweden and NATO one way or another connected with the «aggressive attitude» of in the Baltic Sea region, which is a concern of the Scandinavian countries. It is noted that the fighters «Gripen» has participated in the military campaign against Libya in 2011.

But for the foreseeable future Sweden will not join NATO, only 32% of the population want to build the country as part of a military alliance, 40% oppose (survey data from public opinion in May 2013).

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