T.Protko: first they cleaner Society, and later clean them

"Resignations they say that, that the government finds a way out in what turned out to be. And with all this, there are always last. In a totalitarian system is impossible without cleansing spetsorganav. Was 1937, and after the huge repression ransacked NKVD. So makarom, Now not only recovered their former system, but vorachivayutsya and former ways: first bodies cleanses society of dissenters, clean them later. The only difference is that we currently do not shoot no opposition, nor those who catches them. As for fighting clans, the cleaning is always associated with the victory of one over the other. And always control how Stalin time, or as at the moment our President, allow someone to beat. Who defeated one, tomorrow completely different. In another, the system can not work. "
• A. Vouchak "Zhadobin — man Viktor Lukashenko", 17.07.2007 • What was the career Sukharenko, 17.07.2007 • M. Statkevich: "Sukharenka not mind flashed", 17.07.2007 • P. Sevyarynets "Sukharenka fired for prafneprydatnasts ", 17.07.2007 • What is the cause of resignations in the KGB?, 17.07.2007 • Sold post two top leaders of the Belarusian KGB, 17.07.2007 • Lukashenko proclaimed new chief of the KGB, 20.01.2005

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