Tatiana Kozik: I believe in the love that brought us on the wings of birds

In soon are increasingly allowed itself felt mention of the past … As a child, which was held on the banks of the celebrated poets rivulet conversations, the world seemed infinitely beautiful and harmonious. The school came to realize that the love of Belarusian language own country and I clearly felt immediately with the consciousness that man can not live without love. Specifically love rescues from all dark and low, — the existence of life on this side I found out, leaving 11 years shore conversation.
Believe that our world has given birth to love.
Believe that love — a great force.
Believe that love can feel the heart.
Always regarded with distrust pakazushnastsi. Believe that ostentatious, unreliable love the same barren as a desert, where there is only the wind, drought and sand.
I believe that at least some people can cure the soul, recover through love.
Love — is not only a sense of the sublime, and this state of mind, and this view of the world and, if you wish, religion. Specifically, I kind of love portrayed in his own paintings and gabelenah. Here people — like birds, and the world — as a multilevel space between earth and sky. Perhaps the birds closer to being a man, because virtually all of them live in pairs, and some are even able to make the latest family after the death of a friend or girlfriend. Specifically love birds are very beautiful, for example, to settle in beautiful places, singing beautiful songs.
People are like birds. Among them there are cuckoos and kites, and swans, and sparrows, and falcons. But all of them connects voedinyzhdy love to own native corner. More about this Scorina Francis wrote when he mentioned about the family nest and whirlpools. In another the same cuckoo flew in to a different, more suitable for bird life, edge. But his remains in his native groves, and although she did not grow our own biological children.
In this razmaitastsi bird — not the main feature of the human world. We are all different.
I believe that different people can live together in harmony and suladdi. One has only to be controlled by love.
Tatiana Kozik — artist gabelenshchytsa. Born in the family Hotimschiny village teacher. With 11 years she studied in Minsk boarding school for fine art Akhremchik behalf. Together with his classmates participated in cultural events Youth Society "Craftsman". She graduated from Vitebsk Technological Institute, "the painter of fabrics." For the first time in the history of this university was distributed in the structure of the Union of Painters Mill artistic Belarus, Vitebsk Novopolotsk branch offices. Soon became involved design female odezhki from flax. Lives in Polotsk. Has a 2-sons.

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