Tatiana Seviarynets withdrawn from the election

Filed an opposition candidate in the district Election Commission statement that renounces role in the elections, because during this campaign systematically violated election laws.
In a statement Tatiana Seviarynets indicated the following facts: the pressure on the members of her team, which had to be reorganized so that people have not lost their jobs. Mentioned by the censorship and control printing, which delayed the publication of its leaflets, also failure in organizing meetings in enterprises and a ban on campaign pickets.
According oppositionist, the decision to end role in the elections she considered since, as the district commissions were formed — did not get there no representative democratic public Vitebsk. Because conducting propaganda campaign, Tatiana Seviarynets not hide from the voters that may withdraw his candidacy, and the only candidate for the Vitebsk-Gorky constituency number 17 remains chairman of the City Council Gennady Gritskevich.
Tatiana Seviarynets says it is ready to return the municipal funds spent on campaign: preparation products. Generally campaigning she finds it very helpful: she met with many people who supported it in including and expressed willingness to join the Belarusian Christian Democracy.

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