Tested the latest Tu-22M3M

Tested the latest Tu-22M3M
So far the only instance of a new modification of the far-bomber aircraft TU-22M3M showed reporters. Compared with the aircraft more earliest series Tu-22M3M after modernization received much wider fighting ability.

Until 2020 to modernize 30 Tu-22M3 by installing their equipment on the latest base and fit under the extended range of weapons. They will receive the name of Tu-22M3M.

Tu-22M3M features upgraded avionics and the ability to use precision instruments air-to-surface.

During the flight was made practical daytime bombing Orientation-signal bombs DOSAB 100.

Work to modernize the aircraft were performed JSC «Hephaestus IT», specializing in the development and production of technical means to ensure and improve the operation of aircraft military use.

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