That millions of people take breaks, drugs and everything, everything!

Ales Zhelon "Why" Freedom "says nothing about stopping your benefits! Everything from students and ending with" liquidators "Retirement will be deprived of them. B" Narodnaya Gazeta "written that week. Why this article is not discussions are, this is for millions people take benefits, drugs and everything, everything, why not this is discussed, and the only other useless topics? "
Man: "On the days of the auction was held in Minsk. Apartments went under the hammer price of 300 million. At the auction came about 300 people. Belarus with 10 million population of three million private cars recorded in humans. Estates were built hundreds of thousands of three-storey, open hundreds of thousands of stores , kiosks and other outlets in which millions of products. And all this in the Belarusian state. Opposition all weep, Belarus brought to poverty. Let those who weep, open their eyes agledyatstsa. Neuzh we are beggars, as they weep? I think Maerchyk, you do not push my call? "
Ales Chariton, Reddish: "Good day, pochetaemye I once again repeat your angry. Absurdities bad for your transmission of this phrase" political orgasm. "A certain old man clapped his anger to you, and you have to repeat it several months. Please , filter such words. it is not necessary for your transmission. gives me great pleasure listening to you, but these things drive me crazy. Please discard it, do for me at least it’s not bad. "

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