The European Commission calls on Russia and Belarus to resolve gas dispute peacefully and rapidly

Smeyler Martin said that the European Union may, if necessary to convene the following week group coordination in the gas industry. This group consists of representatives of the Union, and representatives of the European gas industry and consumers. The group’s goal is to develop safety measures for gas supplies.
The representative of the European Commission urged Moscow and Minsk managed in the dispute the principles of the Energy Charter. Ani Belarus or Russia did not sign this agreement.
Now "Gazprom" said Friday reduces by 45% of gas supplies to Belarus, "in connection with the breach of duty to pay the gas sold in the first half 2007 and lack of security of payment. "
According to the agreement, "Beltransgaz" should ensure unimpeded transit of Russian gas through its territory to third countries.
"Gazprom Export" is also sent to the address zabugornyh gas consumers notice of limitation of gas supplies to Belarus.
"Gazprom" will take all possible measures for the transportation of Russian gas through Belarus countryside in full accordance with the existing duties to European customers, "- said in a statement.
By "Gazprom" deferred payment Belarus in January-June 2007 amounted to 456.16 millions of dollars.
Passes through Belarus 20% of Russian gas transit to Europe, in the main to Poland, Germany and Lithuania.
In January, a dispute over oil prices between Minsk and Moscow led to the suspension of oil transit to Europe. Such gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine led to 2006 to the suspension of gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine.
At the moment, European Commission calls on alert this development.

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