The first plane «SUPER toucan» to fight the rebels arrived in Indonesia

The first plane
First four of 16 aircraft (TCB) EMB-314 (A-29) «Super Tucano» (Super Tucanos) to fight the rebels Brazilian production company «Embraer» (Embraer) arrived in Indonesia.

Four turboprop aircraft with tail number of CT-3101 to CT-3104 arrived at the base Perdanakusuma Indonesian Air Force (Perdanakusuma) in East Jakarta month after their official transfer of the Indonesian side of the factory «Embraer» Sao Paulo (Brazil). This was stated by the weekly «Jane’s Defence Weekly.»

Aircraft ferry flights conducted in 12 states. In Indonesia, the aircraft «Super Tucano» will be relocated for operational airbase Abdulrahman Saleh (Abdulrahman Saleh) in Malang (East Java state).

First four and 12 other machines will operate as part of 21 Air Squadron 1st Air Force Operational Command, with headquarters in Jakarta.

Together with the tasks as aircraft to fight the rebels COIN (counter-insurgency aircraft) «Super Tucano» will be used for training and performance of monitoring tasks beyond the boundaries will also have the ability to defend in tasks «air — air».

After merits full alert «Super Tucano» will change planes OV-10 «Bronco» company «Rockwell International» production of the 1970s, which flights were banned in 2007 by the judgments of safety and serviceability.

Indonesia must receive all ordered aircraft «Super Tucano» until the end of 2014.

According to the publication, for a long time the Indonesian Air Force had a huge task because of the low combat readiness and effectiveness.

Unchanging prepyadstviya due to maintenance of the U.S. embargo and the European countries on the supply of arms to Indonesia from 1992 to 2005. led to the fact that when the embargo was lifted only 30 percent of the fleet of 89 combat aircraft was flying condition.

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