The lack of criteria for cyclists — a disgrace to the European capital

Bicycle fans in Minsk, in the midst of which a large part made up of students, collected more than 3 thousand signatures under an appeal to the bureaucrats that they made great conditions for use on city streets.
Cyclists began to organize kazhdomesyachnye action "Critical Mass". They agree on the time and place of gathering and moving mileage around town a certain route. A couple of times, these runs were no sanctions municipal authorities. Spring stock began to accompany police cars. Two stocks generally forbade.
Whereupon meetings of representatives of the organizing committee of "critical mass", and have allowed mileage May 25. Cyclists asked the authorities to establish parking for bicycles and bike paths make. They asked for permission to hold a rally near Yakub Kolas verbovaniya for public attention to this dilemma. But now were refused.
Advisor to the Deputy Mayor of Minsk Tityankova Misha said, "Freedom", which is unlikely emperor himself gave the answer Titenkov cyclists. Learn who make decisions about the problems cyclists in other departments failed. Bureaucrats were told that their computer programm restored, and there Tipo all information.
Sergei Semeniuk, which This year tries to enter the university, ready to build parking for bicycles, so only had permission from the authorities.
"Nowhere to throw this big. Indeed, it is a shame for a European capital, if there is no support for cyclists. We are ready to create their own team and build a parking lot. We just need permission."
BSU student Franak Vyachorka often enough to ride a bike to school, to administer the BPF and just in his spare time on the streets of Minsk. He participated in the actions of "Critical Mass".
"Cycle tracks — this is the minimum that is needed for its rider safety. Now we have a law on transport. According to this law, cyclists can move on highways and highways within one meter from the curb. Quite precisely, it does not guarantee security, taking into account the nature and culture of our drivers who are in no way fully appreciate their own fellow motorists on the highway. What then read about cyclists and pedestrians? "
Women on bicycle still less than boys. Student Ira Smeyan says that to him the best attitude on the part of car drivers.
"Drivers are men with reverence when girls running along the road. Joke from time to time, offer to exchange the car for long. The drivers are afraid, when behold the a woman rides a bicycle on the road. They are slightly inferior to the road — leaving aside and allowed to pass . "
Environmental Journalists Valery Dranchuk enjoys great on the streets of Minsk 30 years. He says that for myself felt like the last 10 years, the number of transport on roads Minsk increased 20 times. Newcomer who has just acquired a large, according to experienced cyclists, will be very difficult to cope in the transport stream.
Valery Dranchuk newcomer gave some tips:
"At first, must be great serviceable. This applies particularly to the brakes. They need to skillfully use, so there were no injuries. In the rain you have to be very, very careful. I generally would not recommend travel in the rain, especially on a smooth asphalt surface. Puddle, and you can jump into some pit, and so on. Certainly, you need to download the press. Coordination body should be in good condition. "
In rural and suburban cooperatives bike is in almost every yard. For some it is the only mc to visit a shop, market or go to work. However, statistics indicate that most of the tragedies on the road with cyclists happens here when they go on the highways.

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