The poor power benefits selects and rich — gives

Theme that in the near future is often heard in the call and the letters on the "Freedom" — the abolition of social benefits, affecting several million Belarusian elderly, the disabled and students.
Discounts on travel in public transport, utilities, when purchasing pharmaceuticals in pharmacies were for these people significant addition to pensions and scholarships. Already in the subsequent winter, they will be deprived of such assistance.
Our listener with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi in his own letter to the brand new "freedom" is trying to predict how further action will unfold around the abolition of privileges:
"Something I have not heard any reaction president in this regard. This led me to that thought: and not a unanimous decision of the House of Representatives on the issue of benefits really nyamudragelistym tactical move of the Lukashenka? Thus, this move in any case of win-win for the president.
If people limit their own protest only discussion in kitchens that subsequent to the presidential elections uniformly subside for a number of other events, the Alexander G. loses nothing.
Instead, he gets a lot of extra amount for the implementation of their own projects is fundamental. Far before the election, and he will find an opportunity to raise its own rating, which is now, I think, a little shaken. On such things he need to give him tribute, neperavzyydeny master. Besides, it all media work.
If a protest right outside donors begin a large-scale actions, Lukashenka can act normal yourself amplyua "Public Defender," partly by returning part of the benefits. This option is for him, maybe even better than the first: a huge part of the money he still receives. For all this his rating jump.
Will, of course, gromozvuchnye appearances on television, will be charged with the address of the House of Representatives (for which it is less than skalananne air when all planned in advance). Well, and the electorate will swallow it, like Gogol hero dumplings. Here is an outlook. Although, maybe I’m wrong, what do you think? "

Can be fully, Constantine, what exactly the way it happens. When preparing the bill, some deputies expostulated on the sidelines of the fact after cancellation of privileges them before the voters in the area though it is not. In subsequent elections, probably everyone will ask how to vote in matters of benefits. What then do you say to people?
But then — in the margins, between themselves. And roundness hall, as you know, almost unanimously and with little discussion approved what they wrote in the presidential administration — again showing all the power own independence.
Olga Abramova alone without any chance of success tried to justify that the issue is not prepared as it should and that the problem asks systematic approach. But her voice drowned in a friendly chorus of those who are willing to vote for any initiative that comes out of the presidential administration.
On the topic of the abolition of benefits once a small piece of writing, which created — Vladimir Guaro of Lelchytsy:
"The power of some benefits selects and gives others. Moreover, it turns out that robs the poor and gives rich. Officials who live on free grants, build palaces. A poor person can not afford for themselves even the most desired."
On the abolition of some benefits and the introduction of other unlikely to have to read, sire Guaro: reduction affects the whole system, new benefits will not appear. Another thing that many unspoken privileges as bureaucratic folk acted and continue to act. For example, who are now out of the lineup can build an apartment at a reduced price and get this preferential municipal loan?
Our davneshny listener and creator Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi often been thought of how will postlukashenkavskae polity Belarus. And he comes to the conclusion that the government will eventually get namenklaturnaya oligarchy.
"Is there really such a bad and a stranger to the Belarusian population will have such power?" — Asks Alexander Martinovic. And he answers:
"On the contrary. Definitive market reforms must take place within 10 years specifically running nomenclature and knit with her business. Nomenclature-oligarchic republic will become a positive factor of the Belarusian society. It will be more democratic than Brezhnev’s USSR or totalitarian lukashism.
National Democrats would not cope with our Eurasian-postsavkovym society, and only would lead to a mess and feral war of all against all.
What to do today the Belarusian national democrats and the West as the United States and the European Union? Must decisively renounce deification a fabulous Europeanness today’s population of Belarus. Need a sober look at things: Belarusian youth totally unprepared to live according to the standard Sevyarinets and canons and Humanities Lyceum Institute, who moved to Vilnius.
Need to rely on the collective management of capitalized Belarusian nomenclature as the best of the possible options, which guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Belarus, reprove it from the Yugoslav scenario.
If nomenclature see the face of the West in benign other, then at some point it will instill their views and infected Russian patriotism and local vestafobiyay philistine. You can not push any nomenclature to Lukashenko, no part of. It is necessary to guarantee the right of the first married night in privatization, right quietly and without reproach, and West Minsk natsdemov operate for at least 10 years. "

Remaining learn sovereign Martinovic her if she oligarchic this nomenclature to take power, or at least to make the conquest of power for their own efforts. While clear and understandable signals about it from her did not come.
A meanwhile the incumbent regime in the coming decade, plans seem absolutely not like to describe own writing you, sire Martinovic. Share not enough than limited authority nor the nomenclature, nor with the national democratic, nor pro-Russian opposition it is obviously not going to.
Our listener past military Nikolai Kanahovich of Pruzany nedavneshnee drew attention to an interview with former British Ambassador Brian Bennett, who a few weeks back the left Belarus.
Particularly intrigued listener approval diplomat about Belarus is attributed to the very myagenkoy, the fourth group of troubled countries in the world. Nicholas Kanahovich with this statement strongly disagree:
"Belarus be in the first group of failed states. Since most horrible, most feral genocide — language. Whatever had read, but we have the language of the titular civilization is forbidden, it is a fact. Is it in the same Iran or North Korea, or Kampuchea time bloody Pol Pot forbidden language of the title of civilization? No and no again! Bloody Tera walked all but dared not prohibit language.
I believe that the number one task for our opposition — to inform the international community and to persuade her to introduce the toughest sanctions against those who rape the language of the Belarusian people. If you do not protect against rapists language given to us by God, then we have no right to be called people. "

Neither before Paul sweat either before Kim Il Sung, nor before the leaders of the Islamic revolution in Iran was not a language problem, sire Kanahovich. Prohibit or not to prohibit language own nations — such choice at did not have them. Neither khmerskay or Korean or Farsi nothing threatens. How to disable them if they said almost the entire population, and other languages do not have?
Save whiteRussian language can only Belarusian society itself — is his first problem and his choice. Make this bet on outside intervention, international sanctions hardly necessary. In modern history there were no precedents for the international community to dictate a separate civilization in what language he spoke.
At the end of
kutsee letter that leave without comment. Paul writes to us from the village Satz cankers Malorita district — about where to go to work rustic Belarusians who are not satisfied with the working conditions on the farm:
"More our people are sent to Poland. There for foreign labor did indulgence: relaxed can work for 3 months, with a certificate from the employer.
If it goes further, then surely our migrant workers moved away from Russian Poland. Move our people to work in other places — in Lithuania, Latvia, Western Europe, some even in the U.S.. The authorities are silent about it, but it’s a fact: on the farm for a miserable wage work does not wish anybody. "

Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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