The president will create power under Viktor Lukashenko megastrukturu

Tsigankov "Last reshuffle, namely, the purpose of the post of head of the KGB control presidential security forces Yuri Zhadobin talk about patterns of personnel policy the current government. "I proclaimed Yuri Viktorovich» I do not because he is a great professional. But I’m sure he will bring order. We KGB lacks a simple order," — an expression of Alexander Lukashenko, of course, says it all themselves.
Yet, in your opinion, what aspects underlie the current personnel policy? Advice on how people come up, hold positions of responsibility? "
"Staff are recruited on the basis of personal loyalty"
Lyabedzka: "Online recruitment is conducted on the principle of personal loyalty to Alexander Lukashenko.
But from 1994 to 1996 he was small clearance time when professionalism was a value. In the first part of the government were very different people: technocrats CHigir Democrats Bahdankevich Gonchar, and people close to them, representing an old nomenclature. Then there was another fight that would chip — professional or personal commitment of the person that sits in the main chair. But this period did not last long — were initially Gonchar resignation later Bahdankevich and finally premiered Chyhir Pine together with the Minister. "
Tsigankov "So makarom, in your opinion, since 1996, Belarus has been a system where most importantly, personal loyalty to the president. This often they say analysts and opposition politicians. But, you see, it is impossible to constantly assign responsible ministerial posts and the rest totally amateurs, people who do not understand these matters? "
Lyabedzka: "If you take the political level, there — first personal addanasts.Shto For secondary level, there is more professionalism. If, for example, talk about the State Bank, then there Bahdankevich Stanislaus students who know their job, and there is results. The same can be said of many ministries — at the secondary level there are enough experts.
But if we are talking about a political level — the level of vice-premier, security forces, there is only one principle — personal loyalty. You can not call any one person, which had would own eyes, their position and defend it on any meetings … "
"Zhadobin as the only of the officers had direct" access to the body "
Tsigankov: "Anatoly, the KGB than once by different means acting against you as against the 1st of the favorites of the opposition. What feelings caused you reshuffle the KGB?"
Lyabedzka: "I think we should wait for the harsh configurations. Earlier Lukashenko tried to make possible more power structures, that they followed a string to create competitiveness between them, and in this competition, he received the results that are put before the security forces.
At the moment, can we talk about developing one power megastruktury — very strong. I predict that the KGB will be transferred some functions, and even the structure of the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General and the Security Council. Lukashenko is obliged to look forward, he needs a strong power "roof", not only themselves, but also to the case of the scenario, when Viktor Lukashenko will be the successor.
We need to create the newest team, with new people — for these functions are not suited Sukharenka. A Zhadobin for the near future is very sore, as it is the only of the officers had direct "access to the body" — all other reported through Sheiman. Zhadobin for this time, heading "Guardsmen Lukashenko" has proved that he can be a major figure in the latest team to Viktor Lukashenko. "
Tsigankov "But creating such a structure can disrupt the balance between the different departments …"
Lebedko "Fact, that Lukashenka was 13 years old at that to realize that these Stalinist methods (one is in control of the other, and wrote on it denunciations) did not lead to such results, that Lukashenko remained measured. This led to the fact malehankih wars that erupted between the various clans. And Lukashenka through recent staff configuration very banged into several groups — Sidorsky-A.Tozik, Sheiman Konopleva. Weakening of their status increases assistant president for national security Viktor Lukashenko. "

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