The Presidium of the United Democratic Forces met in Vilnius

According to the chairman of the UCP Antola Lebedko, decided to quickly ratify and sign an agreement to participate in future parliamentary elections, also create a plan of the company, taking into account that there may be early elections.
Also resolved a number of issues related to the activities of agencies that would help lead to the preparation of both campaign, and to the Public and Euro marches.
The question of why the meeting was held outside of Belarus, Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka said:
"From time to time it is necessary to talk honestly. We all party offices — like a sieve, which prasvechvaetstsa, pranyuhvaetstsa, bugged. And all is, however, some issues that need working confidentiality. Such a situation is, when we are free to read all the threads in the capital of the adjoining country. "
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