There are many healthy, suitable for brood mares and besides they are all in the hunt

In 1937 year "Proletarians of Vitebsk" outraged: "The Chairman of the kolkhoz" KultFront "Danchenko deliberately disrupts binding company. According to the plan is necessary to cover 21 farm mare horse farm adjoining the farm" Victory. "Hitherto only covered one mare. And this at a time when there are plenty of healthy, suitable for brood mares and besides they are all in the hunt. One voice from the depths of the collective farm chairman foreman says: "Our mare zharobnymi be hard, it’s better to stroll free."
"Lim" in 1947 he wrote to a day or the liberation of Belarus: "Writers and artists Belarus still loosely connected with life, and not enough can follow to select the most colorful, and significant characteristic of life. Padded connection with life, the selection of conventional and relevant phenomena reveal creative workers before a huge gallery of images our contemporaries, those who were able to not only capture the victory, and building a new life for themselves and gorgeous children of their own. "
On This week in 1957 he writes on pages St.Stankevich "Homeland" the 15th anniversary of the death of Yanka Kupala "Unlike Kolasa and Bogdanovich Midsummer consciously assumed the role of tribune of the people and the ideology of the Belarusian state revival. Difficulties state revival became almost exclusive theme of his work, and the few works that these problems are not specifically affected, as, for example, love poems or pryrodaapisalnaya, concealed inside the deepest state nuance. "

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