This is one side of the window to people leaving

Man: "Pro calls. Surprisingly comes when old talk slowly clear that up, then they are quite bellowing into the ether, and who speaks quickly, their opinions and thoughts abrezvayuts yes reduce, and this distorts the meaning of the primary call. So — you have your dummy, who every day talking on the appropriate topic? got Local corruption and freedom? Only here where — in Prague or Minsk? When in Minsk, then write a book or a plaintive napustsim decontrol. And when the Czech Republic, the call Condoleezza Rice, even figures out where they are going South American agents. and you shall find freedom. A is best, as someone said on the phone, you need to work in the harvest. So see you at the near-field or current. And what to listen to? then at least Radio Radio Station. "
Student: "I do not know how anyone, but I personally loved the interview with Mrs. Twig, Chairman of the Brest regional court ban on certain categories of race Belarusian officials. Especially the first phrase:" Democracy in America sucks … ". Do not know as hers, but personally I was in high school discipline such as "culture of speech."
Student: "I can recommend the usual damsel — just call to freedom and to express their outlook on various topics. Bells of freedom, as I saw more often involved people of middle age and give ye, and I would like to sound and young voices. Youth this respect, unfortunately, does not show particular activity. "
Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Very true written letter seems Sharkovshchina of the area in which the president wrote about his childhood. Was all very true. My recollection is that the intelligence we have and those involved that make kids hands in the midst of crime and those kids wish to influence the parents. This is all done with my offspring. Police pretends examine something, but unless you can deal with small children, as with adults. Very scary what is happening at the moment. "
Lady: "Someone from Minsk was that huge families need help. I have nothing against. Let give birth. People my age, I can say, abortion and birth did not only one, two by two. And what is our country? Running, broke, hungry. Where these kids grow up? Of people to take? This is unacceptable, unfair, do not do it. We have enough people. "
Igor asleep, Vitebsk: "I am very glad that your radio corresponds to its own format — called" Freedom. "Thanks for reading my letter. Thanks for decent, intelligent comment to the letter. I also wish to say that the newspaper" Narodnaya Volya "I did not read more when it freely could purchase at any kiosk. Once there read stained heresy and insults to our President. Such glupota was written, that was just shameful to read this newspaper. Just disgust I have it become a matter. I do not even know it is sold in kiosks or not, but if someone needs to get "Narodnaya Volya" problems, I think, will not. Would desire. Thank you very much for your attention and respect for at least some point of view. And please, less mud, insults both in print and on the radio. It offends. Take at least some human president he or ordinary people, unpleasant. I believe that it is ugly and should not those who wrote it. "
Man: "In the newspapers and on the radio message is passed that Lukashenko was frightened as we perished in the field. And even worse in France onyear was, and bread costs. Kalasyatstsa field. Finally, late in life, before retirement, he realized that it is necessary to look not only at the track, and look at it now, if you know something and you consider yourself spices. Long since it was necessary to realize. That’s where it was necessary to throw money — has long been necessary to purchase a high-quality varieties. And so almost everything. Huge management. The same fiction with the "1st window." This "one-stop" party people out. Not counting the fact that everything is done long, up to a month, so also need to pay a lot. There are organizations — housing, ZhESy. Previously, their services were free. Just call — come, do, without problems. At the moment — do not call. Do poorly, because usually all intoxicated. Under his control. And need to pay. Here for you and all management. "
Man: "It’s very hard to go our Belarusian products. And every funny day it will be sold all worse. In the heartland of Russia panapihvali so take everything. After all, it’s cheaper, though not very high quality. But apparently there at their very difficult position. And there it will end soon. Our products will not be sold, and the position of the people will become even more difficult. Need advanced technology. Need to buy equipment, build new skills, upgrade production facilities. This base foundations. Here it will create in the Republic of the measured economic base. Only then can simultaneously deal with cases which are fully on what not biased. And it is not. It’s creepy. Go to the company, look — all finished off. And he gave the order to start selling. But this order administration. It will not work, though burst! Belarus will stand for some time. And then he goes, or it will go away, and those who come for the head will be taken, seeing what is happening in the workplace. And he would say — that’s when I was, it was fine. "
Student: "It is curious, but how much grain purchase Belarusian regime This year?"
Lady: "I do not know whether there is essentially the children’s doctor from Vitebsk, who sent his letter to freedom and living, as in the expression. But let through your radio to ask this man, why his colleagues for a piece of sausage, as he himself says, risking their job, property, freedom and naming, in the end? In-2-x, neuzh that in this country there are many who steals cars that security officers and the National Audit Office is not for anyone to chase, not counting both pavzhabrakami? What we did for the people? Why we, again, behind a piece of sausage ready to kill each other? "
Man: "I’m interested in the question: how was the fate of the former anti-corruption speaker Sergei Antonchyk What he is doing right now?"
Student: "If Lukashenko was in China, he was given a billion dollars in credit, as he said, with funny percent. But the figure did not call. I am wondering if it will be in part to give these bucks — at the moment, or since when ? "
Andrew, Pinsk: "Finally, our president ordered to pay for gas. Though pay should always fit. For example, when I was on the 25th of each month will not pay for the phone, then on the 26th I separate it. Same with pay-per- utilities if not fit to pay, it will grow fine. So that you need to pay for gas just right and not create artificial conflicts. And another news — pensioners, in the end, raise pensions by 7%. Eventually, President in the so-called the, economic miracle, found a few percent for the elderly. A pension, meanwhile, did not rise to illumine the past year. Though a general and a colonel on their payroll funds were always. I mean KGB. KGB generals and colonels using such tutelage president, numb, and now they are already causing discontent among the president himself. This is another example of how to spend the people’s money. Do not give them to those who sits in the offices, which already live in luxury. More attention give ordinary people: pensioners, invalids, donors, students. "
Man: "That’s show: Lukashenko complains that he was not allowed abroad. And that he should go to the" scientific communism "in putrid capitalism? Nothing to learn there rottenness of capitalism. Sulk And nothing. He was also chairman. Why did not he put it on farm feet and drove him to a dead end? Climbed above. And bureaucrats raised wages in a couple of times, and pensioners only 7 percent — laughter is worth. "
Larissa, Minsk: "When asked the question — he wan
ts our homeland? — So people to the streets in one voice they say, Our homeland that Belarus wants to devour. We dependence on Russia has long been. It financed our economy, and we gratefully received huge amounts of money, and when she refused, and here we began to bite that hand that we have funded. NOT taught us to be independent. Minsk is a large construction project. Houses grow like mushrooms. Many are uninhabited for years. It is said that there are buying apartments Russian citizens, and our citizens are in longish queues for many years. So it or not? "
Man: "Girl, do not listen to anybody. Educational. Be literate. Get profession. Be spices if you want to assist homeland. Itself will provide. And you’ll understand the politics and economics. Need to get this education, so worth living. Also advise — ideally get married, have kids and teach them bad people. Here choose these two difficulties. Then you will understand which can be do to the economy and politics of our country was strong. And do not listen to anyone else. Solve these prepyadstviya. "
Vladimir, Polotsk: "It turns out that in many economic indicators Belarus has long caught up with Europe, and we do not even know. Naturally, this is not my invention. This was one of their own performances, our guide said. Not know where Lukashenka such information . I only know one thing — if we are in something and catch up with Western Europe, the prices. Soon this indicator we overtake her. And all this happens in our small salaries. They have more than 10 times lower than among them. Only about our leader silent embarrassment. "
Student: "I have an idea, how to pay for Belarusians energoelementy August, and maybe more to implement the" fathers "" Boeing "and luxury" Merce ". All power to the president and his cronies banned flights in civilized countries. "

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