Tribunal fined organizers of a concert of Belarusian bards

Fined activists believe that the cases against them were politically motivated. Namely, student, Faculty of Mathematics Institute named Skarina sovereign Zhaleznichenka wonders possible consider entrepreneurial activity that does not give people any profit even more so — periodic.
Dmitry does not refute that made simple posters and distributed them in the town. Helped so makarom Larissa Schiryakovoy, because he knows that the concerts of Belarusian bards, whom he admires, always zarganizovvayutstsa in the country with great difficulty.
Advertising concert conducted after, Schirokova as received in the House of Culture of the Gomel district permission director and concert tickets, respectively, against a receipt for distribution.
"I have an extra-budgetary fund, which is in plachevnym condition. I wanted to correct him, "- explained to the court director DK Vladimir crystals. Suddenly top team director came to ban the concert of Belarusian bards. Schirokova and Dmitry Zhaleznichenka had return tickets home culture.
Later it was decided to organize the concert bards for a narrow circle of friends in their personal house on the street Polessian. But after a day or two after the concert in the inspection of Taxation lay statements 3 students of historical faculty of the institute named Skarina — Anton Yanochkina Stanislav Lapyki and Peter Valyaeva. They argued that when a private house with an unknown young man took the trunk for their concert on 5 thousand rubles. Next to a stranger was no Larissa Schiryakovoy nor Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. In addition, students were told under oath that beheld not anyone else to give money for a concert.
As told in the court of Peter Valyaev concert Belarusian bards they liked. Following the presentation on the street came up to them a young man who introduced the tax inspector, and began carefully to ask how and what happened in his personal house. And although the topic the court will not be further developed, of course, it was the beginning of the administrative cases against Schiryakovoy and Zhaleznichenka Tipo about their illegal business activities.
Was exciting enough and the evidence against the student student Yanochkina Zhaleznichenka about why he came to the conclusion that Dmitri is the organizer of the concert in the bard personal house. "He read something there," — explained the future historian Anton.
By the way, witnesses Peter was now Valyaeva day of birth. During the recess accused of illegal business activities sovereign Zhaleznichenka congratulated the class-mate of the 20th anniversary and tried to give a gift — a portrait of Alexander Lukashenko. But Peter refused the gift.
Natalia Skoblikov referee fined Dmitry Zhaleznichenka 10 baselines — 310 thousand rubles.
The same punishment referee Victoria Laputa made in respect of Larissa Schiryakovoy. In addition, in the address of the cultural department of the Gomel regional executive committee decided to impose a private arbitrator for determination that the director DK Vladimir crystal allowed Mrs. Schiryakovoy having no touring license, organize bard concert.
"I believe that it’s just political persecution of pro-democracy activists for what they are worried about whiteRussian language, that they — the Belarusian Song and fans are patriots of the Fatherland ", — said Larisa Schiryakova.

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