Tribunal fined youth activists

Detained yesterday Jan Karpovich, Sergei Polovkova and Arthur Dasanova now brought to the court of Leninsky district. They told "Freedom" that yesterday they were invited to discover Dmitry Lisienko — Sergei acquaintance on study at BSU. But as members came to Dmitri, there immediately appeared department employees to combat economic crimes. Without any explanation Dmitry Lisienko taken to the police. Then the doorbell rang again. Says Sergey Palavkov:
"They ran. Rapidly We put faces to the floor. When I asked who they were, I immediately received several blows — the first in the solar plexus, and later on foot … And a few more punches. They walked and sometimes beat me feet . "
Arthur Dosanov first came to the police. States that are very impressed with the amount of intoxicated there who yelled and behaved inappropriately.
"Only in the morning it’s their management. And we only started in the morning to draw up reports. Wrote that we Tipo, neprelichno expressed on policemen."
She Karpovich — activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front. "She also kept overnight in the duty of the police, but separately from the men.
"Deputy Head of the police department invited me to a private conversation. It was danger and blackmail. Was that I would have difficulty that he would call my parents and they will say anything … Later, he went home, and I was left in the duty room. I was allowed to sit on a chair and not in the chamber. But my backpack and all my things were in them. Did not allow me to call. "
Referee Vera Deadlock very quickly discerned police reports, and all were fined on two basic values.
Karpovich she said, that the deputy chief of the Leninsky district police detained after signing protocols marked "strongly disagree with the accusation" asked them to admit guilt. With all of this promising that they would not be arrested, but only fined. But Ian, Sergey and Arthur refused the offer.
Dmitry Lisienko the tribunal did not bring. He is suspected of criminal atrocity — the manufacture and distribution of phoney. The young man is in a temporary detention facility.
She Karpovich
Arthur Dosanov
Sergei Palavkov

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