At the end of today, the Defense Ministry will start upgrading distant bombers Tu-22M («Bekfayr» systematize NATO). This decision was taken after the loss of the aircraft of this type in the 2008 war in the Caucasus, and the War Department contracted with «Hephaestus-IT» to carry out works. Distant bombers will be equipped with new onboard computer, navigation and sighting systems.

— Awareness of the need to modernize the Tu-22m come, first-1990s. «Bekfayr» was created first as a bomber. But at the moment the rocket attacks are not very topical: in Afghanistan and Chechnya, in both wars, the plane was used for attacks by ordinary high-explosive bombs. A war with Georgia showed its vulnerability to modern means of defense — said in the Main Command of the Air Force.

Director — Chief Designer of «Hephaestus-IT» Alexander Panin said that the modernization project designed Tu-22m in 2008.

— BBC approached us in September of that year, immediately after the war. Previously, we have successfully worked with them on a contract to modernize the Su-24. Incidentally, the contract is valid and for the moment. Military wish that we have developed for the Tu-22m new onboard electrical equipment. However, they have not put forward any tactical and technical requirements (TTT) or tactical-technical task (TTZ) — Panin said.

According to him, the new complexes are similar to the successful implementation of the Su-24, they were first brought to the brain in 2009. At the end of the same year the company «Hephaestus-IT» equips them far one bomber aircraft.

— Base of the new board of the complex is referred to as the control system fitted. It includes on-board computer, navigation system based on GLONASS and sighting system with integrated new software. The control system is controlling all flight characteristics with respect to each external factor, — explained the director.

One upgraded machine intensively exploited by the military and received positive reviews. Lack of TTT and TTP all the same vosprepyadstvovalo Hassle-conclusion of the contract. Formalities have been observed in late 2011, and now modernized Tu-22m municipal passes flight tests. If all goes well, «Hephaestus-IT» at the end of the year will begin to modernize about 10 ka bombers.

Air Force officer involved in the trial, said, «Izvestia» that prirekany to aircraft pilots and no formal measures themselves, because from 2009 to 2012, all identified deficiencies are eliminated.

— The machine responds to the configuration of the flight environment. On-board immediately provides the desired amendments, which simplifies the control of the airplane. New built-sighting system itself makes the decision on the use of guns, calculates all the amendments, — he told.

According to the views of the former Air Force Commander General Kornukov modernization «Bekfayra» certainly necessary, but it was necessary to carry out much earlier.

— New Tu-22m as part of its zone offense absolutely meets all modern requirements. But what would a modern car was, it did not help out against improper and unjustified decisions commanders.

Tu-22m was adopted in 1976. It is capable of speeds up to 2.3 thousand km / h, to deliver 24 tons of bombs or cruise missiles by 2.4 thousand km. Under a contract with the SALT-2 aircraft lifted in the air refueling system that would significantly reduce its combat radius. Currently in the Russian Air Force has 115 Tu-22M, of which about 40 cars in flying condition.

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