Tu-22M3 will receive a new on-board

Tu-22M3 will receive a new on-board
Frontline bombers Tu-22M3 will get new avionics SVP-24-22. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, said Alexander Panin, CEO of «Hephaestus IT», developed the complex. The company also won a contract of the Defence Ministry, in which the end of 2012 it must set SVP-24-22 four Tu-22M3 bombers.

Currently, the new complex is set until one Tu-22M3, which runs tests. They should end lately. Installation of the system will be carried out under a separate program there to modernize avionics bombers; it is sold separately from the other programs from deep modernization, through which must pass 30 aircraft. According to Panin, SVP-24-22 will allow the ground to reduce the time of preparation and control of the aircraft up to 5 times.

The new complex will allow bomber aircraft systems to improve the accuracy of defeat, and navigation. In addition, the SVP-24-22 provides a clear set of combat aircraft to land without ground kursoglissadnyh systems and in adverse weather conditions. Avionics system SVP-24 is universal and can be installed on many types of aircraft and helicopters, the Russian Air Force, including the Su-24M bombers, Tu-22M3 and Ka-52.

In February 2012, it became clear that the Russian Defence Ministry has ordered the modernization of 30 Tu-22M3 bombers to version M3M. In the current time in service of, according to various sources, there are 93 to 150 distant bombers Tu-22M different versions.

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