U.S. refusal to fund the UN Council on Human Rights will have no effect?

In June, a proposal to blockade funding made House of Representatives U.S. Congress. Congressmen sharply criticized the decision of the Council of the UN cease-constant monitoring of compliance Human Rights Belarus and Cuba and the exclusion these states from the list of countries where there is a problem in the field of human rights.
Since This year The U.S. has already had spent 3 million bucks to support this law enforcement agency of the UN, Congress voted for an amendment to the budget befitting 2008 concerning the prohibition of funding Rada.
By Kristen Silveberg, the State Department shared criticism in Congress the address the human rights situation in Belarus and Cuba. "But blocking some funding not that many change, as the Human Rights Council is funded by the general budget of the UN, "- said the assistant Condoleezza Rice.
• The United States refused to finance the UN Council on Human Rights, 25.06.2006 • The EU explained to his attitude to the abolition of the UN mandate in Belarus, 22.06.2007

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