Ukrainian village Lesavichy

November 26 Vladimir Korotkevich 75 years. And we in the "Dawn", in a series of forgotten addresses culture in most cases specifically mentioned his name and his place. And she began this series once a porch of old gentlemen, described in the novel "Dark Castle Olshansky." Later there were real and apartments in Minsk Karatkevich house in Rogachev. In this topic seems inexhaustible. Walk vosled Karatkevich curious and can be more fascinating than the footsteps of someone else. We frequented and others, and in most cases there was quite 1st address to tell everything to exhaust the subject. And here … It is not about personal location and unique about the life of our hero, composed of an endless string of episodes, more similar to the literary effect than to an ordinary life. Not found in nature such Karatkevichavay place, which could to say that he lived here for myself and lived to write a book. And now, 20 years after his death contemporaries certainly remember a lot of stories, or on the Dnieper tapelitsu or about Crimean ruble, tucked away in trunks, or about improvisations in Minsk "bleary-eyed"
Ukrainian village Lesavichy in which a teacher Karatkevich and which, according to legend, came back conscious Belarusians, has long been a sacred purpose unchanging guest forgotten addresses culture Dmitry Bartosik. And today’s the anniversary of the writer seemed to us sufficient reason to finally go in not a short path.
Bartosik: "Now it’s surprising to think. But if I did not study and work in Ukraine Vladimir Korotkevich, we could not have such a writer. According to the latest least so say friends of youth. In 1949, the year in Kiev Institute of youth comes from Orsha . young Russian man who writes poems about love Russian. Upon graduation a young man goes to the village rassredotachivaniyu Lesavichy. taught there for two years the Russian language and literature. And in 1956 vorachivaetsya out a completely different person and a creator.’s what I wrote about those the writer’s biographical sketch in "The Road that passed."
"After graduation, I passed at least candidates and began to write a thesis on the 1863 uprising in East Slavic and Polish literature, but came other interests came the idea of the novel on the same theme. To realize its true, I only started twelve years. This novel — "Spikes under your sickle" — and working at the moment.
And then I just packed up and went to a teacher in a remote village Lesavichy that Tarashchy. He worked there for two years. And despite everything, and appreciate the countryside and the institute. Grateful to the many conscientious guy, books, search. (…) And yet for one thing I am grateful to those years. From afar, I especially love Belarus and its people. It seemed to me then, by unearthly krosotki. All greenish mokrovataya, with lakes, with the people, with its lilting and echoing language, legends and fields, mounds and rivers.
I wrote nine years — the mountains. Even white-verse tragedy, scary tr-ragichnuyu. Printed but not thought. At the end of my first year teacher’s work left, but sudden. Minsk friend asked me to send him the poem, read. I sent, as has happened before. He carried them in the magazine "Flame". And suddenly in the summer of 1955 I got a room magazine with his poem "Masheka." This break the my fate. "
Bartosik: "I went to Ukraine with a slight excitement. All the same, 50 years have passed since that time. Preserved whether that school? Remember anyone in Lesavichah of Russian language teachers? Live any more of his colleagues?
For hedging before traveling poet and called deputies of Ukraine Dmytro Pavlychko. And the name "Karatkevich" sounds like a typical code. Do not know how I would get to that far-away villages near the town Tarashcha, if not sovereign Pavlychko. Ban Dmytro met me at the station and presented his official car for the whole day. After guest from Belarus came to himself Karatkevich. So I went in Lesavichy almost from the government flasher. And almost every kilometer of the way had the most snow-white envy. Nor in Lithuania or Poland, for some reason, this is NOT vapanovvae envy because in Ukraine. Our Russian and Slavic neighbor. Such seemed another 10 years back, similar to the language dilemma. And such is unrecognizable now. It feels that the Ukrainians have forgotten gladly scoop and just dig this oblivion. So, gentlemen, I’m back on the language. You hear from the officer and a traffic cop, and from the store saleswoman in the capital, and from the waitress at a roadside cafe. On the language of marketing boards and any signage need not be mentioned. Ukraine, on the eyes, it is that going abroad "where everything is in Russian." In other words, not Soviet. Not only in English, and when.
Village Lesavichy no recollection of Belarus. After all, she was not placed on the hills, and, in Belarusian standards, real mountains. In the midst of a colorful forest. The streets are very zigzag. Nowhere have I seen a trace which carelessness or mess. Lesavichami reigns over traditional Ukrainian calm. Cautious in the midst of white houses across with panache and tastefully built houses. But the school, my happiness remain so as accurately as when Karakevichu. Wood floor, painted in brown color, it stands for 100 years. The highest ceilings, large windows. Old school buildings for me hotter and utulnyshyya. They can be compared with namolennoe hramyami. Asaliva if you imagine that the cabinet that your father was sitting. And yonder landscape from the window of your grandmother adored. In this corridor, I just imagine for yourself young Karatkevich. Teachers gave me a hint, where he lives Prokofievich Sergei Leshchenko, a senior Belarusian writer. 87-year-old man met me as a long-awaited guest.
Goodbye with the old I went in search Karatkevichavyh students. And it was already desperate to find, on the order of breath Lesavitskih mountains. But one granny Karatkevich names seemed familiar. The associations, judging by her disgusted, surfaced warmest. Thank God, she visited the daughter of Kiev. Nadia.
House number 48 on the street Victory — ordinary Ukrainian hut plastered Bell. Large yard, followed by a steep descent to the river. Followed by another mountain. How NOT travel on our forgotten addresses whenever me with more power it seems that wall, which gave warmth poet — not quite dead matter. They mystically special. And the energy of those who dreamed and worked here, have not disappeared. As landscapes. Is that why so do not just turn around back, get in the car, throw a last glance at Lesavichy and take the course back. "
Dubovets: What else can we learn about Lesavichy? For example, the fact that archaeologists have found it Scythian settlements, before the revolution in this village — by Belarusian standards — in — lived four and a half thousand people, was once in Lesavichah wooden church with unique paintings and 5 years ago then built the latest. That ancient lost, certainly, during the reign of the militant atheists, in the 30s of the last century. The period for Ukraine was terrible first Holodomor. But this failure Lesavichy almost over. When the circle of hunger dying whole settlements, then it was not. According to eyewitnesses, "it was caused by the fact that the district chief turned a blind eye to the fact people not all products passed the loggers. " Eyewitness reports, later chief of the sho shot, but concludes that, is impartial and sub» factor in Stalin’s times could solve almost everything.
About Native bytnavanne in Lesavichah Vladimir Korotkevich wrote to his own friend Yuri Galperin. Here are a few quotes that will complement the picture:
"Does not have the ability to sit down for the answer. I stormed from all sides on business and affairs of the number of these so-called Baby joy: herringbone, vystuplenneyka amateur,
nastsengazetachka Dedik of frost in the center. A kiddie (desyatsiklyasniki my players), a couple of yards in the shoulders, chin like a brush, and the voice itself that whether in May Lesavichah camels, so they would be sprawling in all directions.
And on the Belarusian branch I could not get here is why. I went to Kiev, who knew the man almost flegmantichnym the homeland meant that such a hybrid as Belarusian that teaches Russian literature in Ukraine — Alcamo natural thing. We generally weird people: home value, unless deprived of it … And once in Kiev, I suddenly realized what had made a mistake. That was the beginning of that anyhow. Began to rage, but it was hard to leave already, almost unreal. That kisnesh in Lesavichah, teach dvuhmetrovye "children" do not confuse Leo and Alexei Tolstoy, and they answer me give such gems:
"Alexander Gorky."
"The Caucasian captive could not raspilavats chain. Then charkeshanka earned him a diaper and he ran away. "
"Works of Lenin educate youth in the spirit of internationalism state."
And it’s written and vasmiklyasniki dyasyatsiklyasniki, 5 minutes to prospective students. Scary to think. Which of them can be done in a year? I do not know. I think from here to escape. Even to hell, if only here …
Your Message was now in the afternoon, but the answer is delayed until night, because just came up with a letter to the famous Maxim Rylsky you (he — Director of the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore), and this letter was not easy to make because it was attached with 100 puzzles recorded bagalyubimym me in (in the original — the God-preserved) Lesavichy village. But now I sit and write. In my konurke flashes vestige of capitalism — a kerosene lamp on the other side of the window, "Oh for a fox for Prolis dizha go gold" (month). The entire population gone home, partly in the movie, but I did not go, because there is naymyarzotneyshaya picture that already beheld in Kiev, called "Stars on the wings." 100 to demons in the liver so kinarezhysram and screenwriter who molded similar, so they sat on the tongue as boils, then how many holes in the matzah that Jews baked around the world from the final days of last year to Easter to have lost all their teeth and left alone for a toothache. Life being naysumneyshae, despite a very busy. "
Corresponding feature Karatkevichavyh addresses that saying about events half a century ago, do not feel arhivnastsi plaque on the former words and feelings. Clarification of this usual — as the poet lived, wrote poems and Karatkevich already passed the test of time and look, maybe even prettier than 50 years ago. This is evident even if what they are singing now, what with the life of the creator was not. That’s a recent song of "Ulysses" entitled "will rise in the morning," created by the words, Karatkevich wrote another and then there in Lesavichah.
Ukrainian village Lesavichy remembers Vladimir Karatkevich because it his way of life it made him a fact of culture. To verify this, quite internetnay shukaltsy dial Lisovychy Ukrainian. You get one mention of lesavitskuyu lady who took second place in the competition of folk songs. If ask Lesavichy Belarusian, references will be 10 matches, while it saved strong, if not endless — on encyclopedias and dictionaries, texts on Yankee Bryl and, of course, Vladimir Korotkevich. Thanks to the latter, Lesavichy became not only the fact of the Belarusian culture, and even the fact that whiteRussian language, at the deepest level of penetration. I mean with an example of the Belarusian language Dictionary epithets where Lesavichami describes such a thing as beauty. I quote: "The villages Lesavichy our attractive, in my opinion, is not present in Ukraine. Gardens, white houses … And songs, songs of such great beauty that aches in the heart. "
Eighth Karatkevich and power
For the first time this transmission sounded November 20, 2005.
Today’s the anniversary of Vladimir Korotkevich — 26 November writer will be 75 — will be held without scale and that feeryi which were peculiar to the popularity and creativity in the most adverse Karatkevich the Belarusian culture times Brezhnev stagnation. There will be no presentable conference, which would have made the revaluation Karatkevichavyh works and published a series of sensational revelations, no new series on "Wild Hunt of King Stach", and even build a completely creative idea of songs based on poems by various musicians Karatkevich seems not mature until the publication of the final CD. Though the song that pretty, their creators, usually now live underground because the songs do not sound.
In formally, at least, of the sovereign Belarus Belarusian culture conditions were more adverse than the Brezhnev stagnation. Then clamped writers, but still lined up Parnassus hierarchy inhabitants generally align talent. Now the picture is basically an inverted upside down. Suffice it to say that all the people of Belarus writers and poets — and this is the highest rank in the hierarchy — were in the paddock and almost underground. An approximate to power to the final small group of Belarusian writers oppression People no. Widely recognized and massively read — no. And it shows that if Karatkevich not the most recognizable and readable, and so essentially national, died 20 years ago, now it would be in a situation of Vasil Bykov, would be expelled abroad, and his name would have fallen into the dark lists Municipal publishers.
But, with the dead easier. They do not answer the question: who you are, masters of culture. But everyone can be responsible for it. And here we inevitably expect all sorts of scandals, embarrassments and oddities. Perhaps the most eye-catching episode tonight Karatkevich anniversary and will be such a curiosity that’s with the publication of a book of memoirs published by the municipality of Karatkevich. With the semiofficial books thrown such experienced colleagues writer, poet Sergei Zakonnikau and such universally recognized literary heirs Karatkevich as Vladimir Orlov, and eventually — not the closest pal celebrant, the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin. Suffice it to recall that in the famous poem on Bald Mountain are generally portrayed as a person and their names are hyphenated. In general, a curiosity — it is perhaps the greatest revenge Korotkevich, which are capable of current publishing stalanachalniki. Revenge for his talent, independence and Belarus — for all that so bedevils the current regime.
At this prepyadstviya have profound and more than the bottom. Endless theme — right to the image of the deceased writer. Usually here fuss relatives. Say, anyone has no right to speak about my father or grandfather because it would not be pleasant. Remember, the daughter of the 1st Belarusian classic, shot in the 30s and forever illegal, cut whole pieces of his novel before the first publication of the work in our time. Say, so the reader does not learn that the father wanted to say. Total number of such bills accumulated eight 10-s. As a result, the Germans occupied the city, the novel, and the power in the town remained Russian, and vice versa. One can only imagine what would have delivered his own daughter zealous writer, which she exhibited in this light is not worthy classics. Though the ethics literature and its creators — is the ethics of parallel life, not matter what the couple live with their daughters dear dad who easily extend their power and then parallel life … No wonder so many products and so many writers in our literature so far behind the scenes public attention. After lying in chests, which are sitting on expensive heirs.
Can realize their right to the apartment of the deceased, or income from the reissue of his works. But right on the image … In terms of culture it is the true treachery spekulyatsyya on similar emotions gipertrafavany selfishness. Maybe you imagine for yourself, that the right to self-image writer passed to descendants in the will? Brad, it does not happen. So where then is the right to life is taken? ..
The government, which claims the image of the writer, is no different from her daughter, which overwrites the works and a biography of his father. Ultimately, nothing more for curiosity from it all remains.
Like to own today’s anniversary curiosity took himself Karatkevich? Sure, because he belonged to similar things. For example, the Order, which received its 50th anniversary. In the current transfer from the memoirs of contemporaries, we will try to hear the voice of the writer and his live reaction to municipal care.
So Makar, some stories of Vladimir Korotkevich and its relations with the authorities. First told Ales Petrashkevich, playwright and Encyclopaedists that when all this was happening, was the head of the culture department of the Communist Party of Belarus.
History of wood church.
Petrashkevich: "Head of the Department of Culture of the Central Committee to come to work early. Call. Lifted the phone. And I hear," What are you doing there, your mother! "I say, Vladimir Semenovich, what happened? Good day." Wow. This I ask you, what happened … Just phoned Metropolitan Filaret and asked to call the Central Committee, as such a village church destroyed in 17., Without a single nail made, under the protection of the country. "I say, this is some garbage." Not garbage, brother, help. "And I confidently promise Vladimir Semenovich, will do all that I can. I called the district committee, ask the secretary of the district committee. He pretends he does not know anything, but also promises to me, as I Korotkevich, and I ask call me tomorrow. next day he has not called me. ringing. Well, what with the church? "And you know, someone logs NIGHT MODE doused with diesel fuel and burned." He hangs up. Call. "Wow, Ales." Wow. "I have already I know everything. "I say, well, well, you know that." Mudakavatae your CC and all you mudakavatyya. And I respect you. For a play about Scorina "Written remains." Here is the whole Karatkevich. Completely clear and completely clear reaction behavior in this case. "
Dubovets: second current story —
History of the Order,
Karatkevich which received its 50th anniversary. It was the only municipal merit in his life and the only anniversary, which was celebrated at the municipal level. Four years later Karatkevich will not. Recalls art Hatouchyts Isabella, who worked together with his wife Valentina writer.
Hatouchyts: "In general it was a sudden thing for Volodya and for all. Volodya held, on the one hand, whether, on the other hand, he loved that name, flicker. And at one point, when Volodya was 50 years old. .. But that was a time when almost everything has changed when the climate is softened … And we daznaemsya that Volodya sentenced Order of Friendship of Peoples. Valya decided to celebrate it. And Order awarded the Writers’ Union. gathered quite a lot of people. Karatkevich released on stage, and we all squeezed his shoulders. Since Volodya was drunk and, as we mentioned on merit, he got drunk at the sight more and more. "
Dubovets: In my memory, that the party in 1980 remained the first such when in crowded halls reigns absolute universal rise. Maybe it has always been, and indeed was the first. After all, we, the students ran to belarushchyny only just made their first union, just realized that this religion Belarus — it is unsafe and clandestine. Besides, it was a boom in popularity Karatkevich whose books instantly sprawling difficult at present runs. And here all this crowd, gathered in one room, do yourself first on all times discovery. It turns out that we have such a lot. And then we hear and read about their own standard openly and even the sight alone. After quite a sight to feel wha
t the other thinks and is going through the same thing. Could we build in such euphoria that our idol and focus Karatkevich — drunk? And if drunk, it was just as crucial for us, as permitted by the shoe lace. I remember as were colleagues and artists Karatkevich asked to leave to smoke. At the same signs in the hall asked. And when he came to the microphone, then said almost: "Without you I am nothing." And that we still needed to ensure that this evening remained in the memory of a lifetime? ..
Hatouchyts: "Well, and then there was a banquet. Were tables covered with cheerfulness KOROTKEVICH. Volodya publication to all the people that do not deserve this award, he and his wife. Removing the Order, he hung it on Valya. Since everything was fun and all danced Order imperceptibly fell to the floor. And when it was raised, it was flattened and slightly resembled the merit that Volodya was … "
Thus ended the story Dubovets Karatkevichavaga order, but it turns out she had her more memorable prehistory. Recalls poet Sergei Zakonnikau, who at the time was the head of the Central Committee sekatara fiction PBC.
Lawyers: "Came in 1980. Korotkevich need 50 years to celebrate. And I come to Alexander Kuzmin Trifonovich and say, I suggest taking into account awards Volodya, let us imagine the CPSU Central Committee it on the Order of Lenin." Well, you and bent! He hardened nationalist! "I say no Volodya not a nationalist. He just real patriot Belarus. Kuzmin frowned:" I know, I know, but it does not change anything. " I say: How Tvardovsky, about "Trudoviki"? Order of the Red Banner on bureaucratic jargon. He thought and said: "It will be hard to persuade the Central Committee Bureau. Unless Peter Myronovych utter his word." Masherov the word uttered, and documents went to Moscow. Finally, in most prytyk comes to the anniversary of Moscow tape. And it turns out, Volodya was awarded, but not "Trudoviki" and the Order of Friendship of Peoples.
Karatkevich reacted to all this fuss-fuss, as usual, with humor. Said: "I really appreciate this award because I really friendship of peoples life strengthened. Here I am in Belarus Belarusian nationalist. When trained and worked in Ukraine, it was a Ukrainian nationalist." On its own festive evening Volodya came with the Order and padvyaseleny glasses. And in the office Maxim Tank, where usually undressed superior posts bohemia Karatkevich adkalov room. He’s in the presence of all his superiors — and party and literary — removed own order and pinned to his jacket shtryfel me. "Panas, brother, I know it’s not them, and you helped me to get credit." Was such a scene, as in Gogol’s "The Inspector General" …
Dubovets: What was going on, we already know. But it turns out that not since this episode began sash history. It all began with compliments Korotkevich of First Secretary of the PBC Kiselyov. Masherova who banished paper on merit in Moscow at that time was no longer alive.
Lawyers: "When it was tape, he was awarded Tikhon Yakovlevich Kiselyov fly off with the delegation to Bulgaria. Tikhon Jakovljevic and assistant Victor Y. Kryukov quickly found me and said," Serge, nyamedlya bind me with Korotkevich. It wishes to congratulate Tikhon Yakovlevich. "I immediately ran into the house, calling, opens the door Valya spouse. Volodya Where? States lies in the bathroom, washes.’m Telling, so let’s stool, you have a telephone cord is lengthy? States have. We it connect with Val, I pull a stool, put side by side. foam He puts his head and says: Why are you sitting here in my bathroom? I say, Volodya, everything is fine, everything is fine. Thee bestowed the Order came tape. "Yes you what? "Well the truth is, now you will read with Tikhon Yakovlevich Kiselyov." Yes, you do not joke, brother, let me damytstsa. "I say, Volodya, I beg you, give me a hand here. He puts his hand out of foam, I have put him up the phone and say, seeing that he was slightly not in the mood, you just do not tell him, you just thank him by ordinary phrases, because by your language will be immediately visible, in which you state. What did not realize, but picked up the phone. And I say: can connect.
Tikhon Yakovlevich states, and I listen to it all. "Vladimir Semenovich, we respect you because you have a unique person." He really loved him and respected him very much. And he kind words say-say, and Volodya, I taught him, small phrases: Thanks, I will try to justify the trust. For each paragraph Tikhon Yakovlevich goes: thank you, I will try to justify the trust. Later, when it was all over, hung up the phone, I sit on a stool, looking at him. And he, all in the foam head covered in foam, says: yes, listen, and what are you sitting here? .. "
Dubovets Mazhnavladtsy Russian memoirs of eyewitnesses in time compared with the current manage look a lot more tolerant and circumspect. They do not seek to rearrange the hierarchy of talent on its head, but on the contrary — spare the outstanding writers. The most common explanation for this is that they have no such power bezrazdelnay as the present — they are not the last resort, there is still Moscow, which they report, including the flourishing of national culture in the country. And because of their relationship to prank talent often lenient. This is evidenced by the latest on this day —
History of Masherova.
Petrashkevich "Masherov reads:" Come to choose the place for the museum architecture and life outdoors. So call Korotkevich, he knows a lot, we’ll take him with me. "I called. Good morning, Vladimir Semenovich. Either good morning …" Wow. "I say, that sort of thing. He says:" Ah, my friend, as it is curious and fine, but … "I say: What — but? .." I have already taken on the chest. "I say: Many say that?" Well, then, took the norm. "I said: Well, decide for yourself. I can cover, of course. I would say that is not found, do not get through. But such a trip … "I understand, I understand what a museum." It is not so much on Masherova saw how much … "Coming! If that is all I will turn on you. "I say: Well reversible. And all expected he would send. Arrived. Usual Karatkevich all. Masherov came out, the car sat, go. Something states later became quiet. And Karatkevich reads: "Peter Myronovych, you Masherov. Your surname Russified. And you — the Frenchman. Mon cher, ma cher — Russified Masherov s ". Masherov laughed and Karatkevich says:" Well, what if I nibudt-breccia, Peter Myronovych so it Petrashkevich povinet. "He was taken aback," Why Petrashkevich? "" And he not called me before and after "… After I wrote an essay about Masherova and learned that the name Masherova — Masherov. Masherov his father."
Dubovets stories about Karatkevich can not be the end. After each episode of his life is told as a funny story, while from different angles — new. And no book of memories DO NOT place the whole. Stories about Karatkevich not connected memoirs, and a whole genre of literature or whether urban folklore, with all of this — just the beginning of the genre. The current "Dawn" — the tenth consists of those stories and I find myself feeling that the potential of such programs — is inexhaustible. Apparently, this was another paradox opposite talent. From his point of view becomes a curiosity that closest friend was not included in a memorial collection, and the output of such collection in officious publisher.

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