Under Vilnelė found the old cemetery

In Brest eventually strong winds and long rains spoiled more than half of grain crops, writes "Brest newspaper". More about the fifth part of the total acreage flooded. Hardest hit Luninetsk, Stolin, Gantsevichy, Pinsky and Ivacevičy areas. Management area decided urgently begin harvest.
Central freshest material numbers "Local Time" called "What leave descendants?" According to the newspaper, the city authorities have planned to demolish the houses on the street Pervomayskaya Pinsk — one of the main streets in town. Structures are located in the historic part of town. Due to their wear expand roadway street.
Local authorities say that it should be done to facilitate passage of the bridge over the River Ping, but ordinary Pinsk dwellers with this idea does not agree. In their opinion, Pinsk affects total Belarus policy of liquidation of all historical.
Investigation of the former cemetery XV-XVI century in the village of Luban Kulshino village council should begin in late July, archaeologists from Academy, report "Regional newspaper".
Found the cemetery on June 27, when workers of road transport company took sand in his career. Coupled with the sand in the truck got the bones and skulls. This local residents said local historian of Vileika. Thanks to them, the work was suspended and adopted decision to begin scientific research.
"Free Deep" Local History publishes an article about the state of roads in the Vilna province in 1861 — then Deepest belonged to this province. The article cited a report of the highest bureaucrat who inspektavav region:
"The work performed almost nobody checked, except in those places where it is understood passage of higher authorities. Familiarized with the roads Vilna province, I made sure that their condition is bad comes from the carelessness and negligence of the coming of the local authorities. During the drive VIPs and passage of troops, when responsibility threatens Zemsky authorities appointed critical work. "
As noted by the chief editor Vladimir Skrabatun, a half century Glybochchyne virtually nothing has changed. And an old record sounds surprisingly topical.
In "Brest Courier" material placed on the criminal incident in the night after days of official celebration of independence in Brest. Drunk man quarreled with his own woman and threw her to the railway bridge on Kobrin rails. Maid managed to avoid strong time of the fall injuries.

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