Up to freedom All dictatorship to time constants

Nicholas Kukso: "Listen, each other Adviser, as for the motherland to start beating. First start with yourself. Servant with you dry yourself. A later start with language. In the native language of thinking pryvuchaysya. She always says — laziness would not succumb. How will people contact, people will respond to the mother tongue and motherland lean not shunned. Always look at your own actions May Nothing on faith do not take. Horror slowly squeeze — human dignity in May without horror begins to beat, so we can introduce people. And as read one adviser, let us fear enemies. To be successfully fight, do not fear challenges. You find your place in the struggle — for freedom until the end come. I took it all himself. I hear the man himself. I found a place in the struggle — forces for homeland no regrets! "
Man: "Now young people are judged for inscriptions on the walls of the persecution of certain people, the thought of people. Representatives of executive bodies, so that fighting for the purity of the walls, I invite you to the center of Bobruisk. Across the street from the government building in the courtyard of the prestigious two-storey apartments with nine-(street bitter, 41), the right side of the court, in passing on a concrete wall for years with shows near SS twin lightning Nazi swastika and the gallows with the Star of David. Apparently, the authorities in the end it all painted over, you need to write a slogan against the next leader of the beloved in verse form and with the introduction of his name. Although it’s no guarantee. Motto zamazhut and swastika with gallows quit if the team will only cover up the motto of subversion. "
Man: "All of the dictatorship to time dimensions: the measured control, poor wages at a more measured large consumer prices, measured suppress initiative and freedom, measured and primitive provocation make arrests."

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