Upcoming Events Week 2 — July 7

Mon, July 2
In town Budsłaŭ that Mjadelsky area held the respect of God icon Moms Budslav. Usually it collected thousands of church believers from different regions of Belarus.
"This year is such a unique phenomenon is that the river Vyal from Vilnius will be re-cross of wood, which is 500 years old — told our radio Alexander Amelchenya priest. — Celebrations graduate from noon July 2 festive Holy Mass. We expect this year about 30 thousand believers. "
*** Tuesday, 3 July
In Minsk planned action youth activists of the democratic movement. Head of the Commission for Culture BPF Franak Vyachorka:
"On July Belarusians celebrate a day of liberation from Nazi invaders. In This year democratic forces also insist on their participation in this prazdnichkom. And we use today for the promotion of the rally, a concert July 27 — a day Belarus declared its independence. We will distribute printed materials associated with the July 3 and July 27, cards, discs as "Songs of Freedom-2" in the parks, nuts, small town in the central squares of Minsk. "
*** Wednesday, July 4
Determined by the person who will sign the declaration in Minsk city executive committee on July 27 holding shares in Minsk dedicated days of the proclamation of the sovereignty of Belarus.
Executive secretary of the council BPF Viktor Ivashkevich:
"July 27 was adopted Declaration of Sovereignty, which has become a major step in the development of modern Belarusian independence of the country. Since the crash happened when the coup in August 1991, the first solution that took The Supreme Council BSSR, giving it force of the constitutional act of the Declaration of Sovereignty. "
*** Thursday, July 5
In Minsk, a meeting of the organizing committee for the celebration days of the proclamation of the sovereignty of Belarus and of the euro march "For Freedom."
Member of the organizing committee, the coordinator of the "Charter 97" Dmitry Bondarenko:
"It is planned that in the autumn likely, will take action "European march". This action is not planned as a share of the action against the opposition and the authorities. We know that the European Alliance reached out to the Belarusian government and the people of Belarus. There are 12 Euro Union proposals that involve posodeystvuyut money and technology our country . "
*** Saturday, July 7
Marks the 125th anniversary a day or birthday Yanka Kupala.
Poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk:
"Midsummer unlike other stately poets made immediately as stately as a painter and one of the first Belarusian politicians. He revealed to the world as the government of Belarus, Belarusian people opened as people who seek his own independence. "

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