Upcoming Events Week 9 — July 15

July 9 mon
In Kiev, where the session ends with the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly will vote on so called "Kiev Declaration." In this document as one of the sections will and the resolution on the situation in Belarus. Would she accepted, is dependent on how the vote of the Parliamentary Assembly deputies.
"In the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has directed three committees on certain subjects — says the chairman of the BPF party Vintsuk Vyachorka. — Belarusian case treated so called first committee — on political and security issues. By the way, it is reasonable that the topics of energy and Belarus were considered as a whole. This has its own logic without the usual and predictable, democratic Belarus impossible to keep the energy security of the entire continent. "
*** July 8 — 12, Sunday-Thursday
Before 12 July in Minsk will be the relics of St. Luke, which brought Andrew Foundation. Fund at times brings to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine Orthodox shrines.
Knows spokesman Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk Andrew Petrashkevich:
"This event, that has great importance not only for 3 peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and the whole Orthodox world because vorachivayutsya shrine to people and people to vorachivayutsya shrines. This will indicate those bolshennye queue to worship, which are exhibited in the Belarusian capital whenever relics come to our land. "
*** July 11, Wednesday
The world is witnessing day population. According to the views of economist Alexander Sosnova, former Minister of Labour, today’s demographic processes in Belarus, it is unrealistic to keep under control policy measures:
"Demographic situation in Belarus does not differ from that in adjacent countries. There is the same — that the rich countries of Europe, in such poor countries like ours or others. Fertility absolutely not what is needed. And those steps making government, virtually nothing has changed. "
*** July 12, Thursday
Start exams in Belarusian universities arts. In the midst of such institutions — the Belarusian Institute of Culture.
Educator Institute Oleg Trusov talks about preparing today’s students:
"Where, for example, specialty art, so they sit there still something extra. And on the other we do not know who will come to us. Who will come — it will teach and they pass the same tests at the moment. Only as an educator I can tell, that our test system to kill higher education. I am for the fact that possible faster cancel these tests. "
By the end of the week *** in Vitebsk will be an international music festival "Slavic market". In This year it involves representatives from 32 states.
Can I call a festival celebrating the global scale, says the group favorite "HPM" Lavon Volsky
"Global Is not global? There were many people, even from Europe, but the level of" star "Patricia Kaas which is presently not of the first magnitude, no one even close not reached, judging from appearances. And pomp and currency investments, the it is very-very rich and economical event. This can be seen immediately. "

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