V.Gorbachev: Prohibition of propaganda — a blow below the belt

"I think that is what they have a constitutional and private law. Prohibition pleasant agitation — a blow below the belt. Makes no sense to agitate from the apartment to apartment, no matter how strong and active support team was not. This unfair situation in preparation for the elections. because at this stage they were right. "
Victor Gorbachev Now vyznat closed session at the outcome of the Borisov City Council with the role of municipal managers and individual companies and institutions in the region. It reads:
"Given the team vote for Viktor Huminski (acting deputy campers), Basil Guryanova (general director of RUE" Borisovhlebprom ") and Basil Lyutikova (Dr. RUE" Belarusian Automobile Plant "Zhodino). Warned:" Make the right conclusions! Commands that did a great job with their subordinates. The bulk of their must vote early. "
Democratic elections will not be! "

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