V.Podgol: Around Lukashenko — Feedback horror and immorality

"Today, all efforts should be focused on one thing — destruction idol"
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "BNF and UCP hyping Kalyakina — render it evenly on the first position. And there is a danger that the change of power, these parties may find themselves in opposition to the current favorite of the Communists. What do you think about this?"
Podgolov: "All these discussions about the political leaders of the opposition — who is stronger than who unwind more, someone who will obey — we must resolutely stop! All efforts should be focused on one thing — destruction idol. Initially, in the brain, and later by political means. For this principle advantage of each party, each organization. To were more-less democratic conditions before the election. And only later — Agitate people! "
Kopil "began attacks on military retirees who receive little more than others, pensions. Just as in some particle take, others do not increase! Only more poor condition …"
Podgolov: "Stupid is a discussion All our pensions — really poor. Usual figure should be 10 times higher. Perpetuity For work on the farm familiar grandmother give 170 thousand rubles. Nightmare, because it has to go, can not move — then how to survive by such means? It previously sticks on workdays … No, it’s pension be 300 — 400 bucks, then another somehow possible close most vigilant difficulties. "
Andrew Bazylets, Klimovichi "ideological conservatism Belarusians — the fruit of the efforts of the authorities or inertia savetskastsi?"
Podgolov: "Every now and then — everything is connected."
Man: "What do you say about razroznenasts Belarusian opposition?"
Podgolov: "That in fact is not so. And the reason is your perception of the following: there is no single action. Already a year after the presidential election or by the Belarusian dissidents nor the opposition has not a single national action. Available only internally-nomenclature movement. But single strong wave case, for example, in protecting the population against the abolition of benefits — not visible. There is only discussion about this. Political spaznyayutstsa obvious favorite. "
Man: "They do not have an exact plan …"
Podgolov: "I agree. But I note here that. When we are talking about football or politics, all the clocks! And I, by the way, not the fool here last … But we need not be rigid prosecutors — let’s see, as a day of Independence Opposition to hold the first step of its own public march called for by Viktor Ivashkevich. Could she perform zagadanoe?’ll see, and later already zbyaromsya of "prosecutors" to "arbitrators" and a verdict. "
"As for the press to be independent, the struggle goes through the liquidation of free newspapers nothingness. With the expulsion in ideological ghetto"
Sergei Chigrin, Slonim: "Give us your opinion about the situation of the press in Belarus. How and why is it that it is broken now for municipal and non-government, with appropriate restrictions in the latest offering, distributing, printing …"
Podgolov: "Who is on my desk newspaper" Themis "for 1995. There’s a whole list of excerpts from the speech just before Lukashenko elected deputies of the Supreme Council of XIII convocation.
Here is a few quotes from memory: "You journalists consider yourself a power? For the fourth. A first — it’s me!" — And further argues, can be press-independent: "No, it’s unreal!" That these principles everything is explained.
There are newspapers, who served as president, municipal and government, remember — this is it! And all those who are not, are, respectively, the enemies. And they should be beating. But the yard is not 1937, because the fight is through the liquidation of free newspapers nothingness. From exile in ideological ghetto. Lockable from readers, subscribers. This essentially repression. Repression, which is aimed at liquidation-independent print who wishes put you in the social coffin. Bury. To survive, journalists need talenavitasts around. "
Ales: "Do not sin that pulls us unceasingly to dig into the past?"
Podgolov "dig into the past can, and vice. Knowing the past — is a virtue. Interested past — a common human condition, which is different from the animal — it is not typical. The person that ahryshchvayuts another nationality, intentionally wiping layers of consciousness.
In Mjadelsky village Kryvičy Jews burned during the war. Some villagers were buried, while others — gave a hint butchers, where they are hiding. So here’s to dig — it only talk about accomplices Nazis. And teach history — is still figuring out how heroically rescued Jews inhabitants of those Krivichians. Here it is, the difference between "dig" from "know."
"Boris Khamaida one at the Vitebsk Freedom Square defended a piece of vacant land. And all of us Kalinowski area hitherto not conquered …"
Boris Khamaida, Vitebsk "How distribute independent media, then constantly read about apatychnasts Belarusian society. And it’s true. But it provoked opposition favorites inaction."
Podgolov: "Society is heterogeneous, Thou shalt, Boris, about 2 years spent in the bullpen, if you take all of your arrests and served her time for the spread of the same media, the role of picketing. Here it is, the cost of what you are at the Vitebsk defended Liberty Square piece of vacant land. A Kalinowski area hitherto not conquered … "
Khamaida: "Yes, but I have something else in the last 10 years I do not know of any such work, which started favorite opposition and reached some result. How can whip through the water?"
Podgolov: "Boris, tell me the question: who of political leaders or diplomats from the EU coming to you for your on Freedom Square to shake hands or talk?"
Khamaida: "Nobody came … Even as Milinkevich was here and gone. Reads later, he did not see … Who knows, maybe so."
Sergey Door, Minsk: "Is it true that the traditional rhetoric of dictators is usually accurate national characteristics?"
Podgolov: "No, not true. Rhetoric any political leader before idealyagemnaga. In other words almost all proposals are hidden very strong images. Man listening to this language and to create a movie — so read about shamans in a pagan society. Main function of such language — not to convey information and assure and mesmerize.
Quote from memory Lukashenko, who practically said yesterday that we can through their own hands and mind to defeat these monsters, like the United States and our homeland! Remember Khrushchev "catch up and overtake America"? He outdid here: the United States and the Russian Federation — to overcome! Agavorachki about the mind and brain with this approach fall, remains in the memory image of the word "beat"! "
Sergei Girkin, Mogilev: "Do we have a chance of another, form Inconsistent leadership?"
Podgolov: "For me, in the popular mini-revolution in 2006, there are two people’s favorites.
First — the guy in front of everybody jumped on the roof of the bus, which was traveling along the square Kalinowski and turned white-red-white flag — it was a real spiritual explosion, that’s an act of national favorite! That’s for you rayhstag!
And second — former Polish ambassador to Belarus Mariusz Machkevich. When he heard about the events in Minsk, then instantly came from Warsaw and just off the train — the Plaza, where just started mass arrests. Not speaking with any favorites there is in youth, supports it. Riot policemen beat him bitter radish … This is the only recognizable zabugorny politician, who turned in a critical moment in the midst of the young heroes applets Kalinowski, sacrificing himself. Although well aware than it ends for him. By the way, at the moment working Mariusz ad
visor to the Prime Minister of the Polish Republic.
If I were, for example, a favorite of the party, would have found for themselves in the ranks such as Khamaida, Shatsikava Shchukin, becoming before them: be in my party! Shatsikava way, porazdavala my book "People’s telly" all arbitrators, prosecutors, many of Mogilev police, KGB agents. "
"As Lukashenko felt that something was wrong, the popularity falls, and began to create a backup for yourself -" Pure white Rus "
Girkin: "Why in some batches currently held cleaning — someone kicked, anyone change …"
Podgolov: "That does inner life I just do not care. Completely! This case Party members: they wish something unwilling status corresponds to something does not match … For true political struggle that has no value. Vaughn Khamaida without any parties reconquered for a whole area of Freedom! "
Misha Kolesnik, Brest: "What do you think about the deployment of the country’s movement" Snow White Russia? "
Podgolov: "The fact that the creation of an organization that openly declares its goal — support Lukashenko shows he became weak. Previously their mental properties irrational influence on the weight to hold high rating. Currently felt that something was wrong, the popularity falls.
It is not surprisingly: the abolition of benefits, the growth in housing prices — all the characteristics of life worse. Because in handy this prosthesis, these crutches. This is important, and the rest is purely functional, even quite yavna further attempt to simulate through the "snow-white Rus" democratic elections.
And another important point: if there is such a movement or the pro-presidential party, which means that if people simply took earlier — BRYU promised different discounts, hostel — but now they want to tie people through public charter of private devotion Lukashenko. Povyazhut here as these moral chains, handcuffs, then even if some of these people will not adore or generally intolerable G. retreat them after that public oath already seems to be impossible. Here’s what else behind all this — Feedback horror Us immorality. "
Maxim, Bon: "What have greater difficulties in the current Belarusian literature?"
Podgolov: "At first she does not have works, where professionally if not brilliantly reflected the tragic situation of choice of the modern Belarusian. People falling in dissent or opposition, first civilian own way often think that is fine, honorable … But then begin reprisals for torment them and to their families — and perfectly even if the spouse and his wife associates. How not? know couples who "fled", I know a friend whose wife was murdered because he donated his life and funds for the opposition … And in his arms left with three kids, and drove home from work — then what to do such a person?
Or a look at the tragedy Valery Shchukin, whose wife also died — he povinet if we take into account all the arrests, beatings — well, how much suffering brought beloved lady as her nerves spoiled? But writers pass these topics. Well, then you can already read about the absence of literary schools. "
• On-line conference with Vladimir Podgolov, 27.06.2007

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