Vaclav Klaus: The system of government in Belarus will fall at some point only to internal circumstances

Vaclav Klaus, Prof. economist, he starred in the Czech politics since the fall of communism in 1989. Its dubbed the "pope" of post-communist reform of the Czech economy. To its own election in 2003 led the Czech president One of the most influential parties in the country — plainclothes Democratic Party.
Liberty correspondents asked him whether the new EU members who have experienced the communist oppression, help democratic movements in countries such as Belarus.

"The system has fallen from domestic circumstances and I believe that in the same way it falls, earlier or later, in Belarus, Cuba or somewhere else."

Klaus: "This is again a fantasy about exporting revolution or democracy, and these fantasies are usually poorly finished. I do not think that democracy was imported here in the Czech Republic, or that someone taught us that if we needed a similar education. I I believe that the system has fallen from domestic circumstances and I believe that in the same way it falls, before or later, in Belarus, Cuba or somewhere else. I believe that heroes who think that they have brought down communism, they say a lie they amuse themselves, or in some places we have abroad. "
But Belarus has active opposition groups, who have been demonstrating and fighting the regime. They should support or leave them to the fate of his?
Klaus: "I believe that if we can assist them in this Makar, so it is not hindered their internal situation, we could do it. Aaplet But have some — it is trusting eyes to history."
Czech president known own harsh criticism of the environmental movement, hard apaniravannem fighters against global warming, such as the last U.S. Vice President Al Gore. Klaus says the dangers of freedom on the part of the environmental movement:

"I’m in the market without adjectives. Thought environmental market — it is the second after the attack on the public market a real market and human freedom."

Klaus: "People know how I started a political career, and remember my expression was quoted over all others: I’m in the market without adjectives. Thought environmental market — this is the second public market after the attack on the real market and human freedom. I do not compare as some attribute to me, the danger of communism and the danger from traffic environment protection. communism But now — not a doctrine that could attract millions and billion people. ‘Cause it is not the main danger. main danger — a movement for the protection of the environment, because he has a cute slogans. Who has not wished untainted environment? And this path through which fall things that threaten us. "
"You are skeptical about the dangers of global warming?"
Klaus: "The word skeptic is inappropriate. How can you hesitate temperature increases or not? Look at the numbers and you will see that for 100 years the average global temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees. But if you drive through the center to the outskirts of Prague, where the temperature will be higher than 2 degrees. And you’re doomed. This is not skepticism. This proposal, if the temperature increases by 0.7 degrees is not off his rocker. "
Plans to deploy parts of the Czech Republic in the U.S. missile defense cause a different attitude in Czech society. According to opinion polls, two-thirds oppose these plans. Why?

"We need to explain why we need to express loyalty to the United States, our allies and partners."

Klaus: "I believe that the opposition should be respected. Nobody falsifies polls. People do not feel the danger. And it’s politicians and analysts to explain to them the risk of danger. But here nobody tries to explain. General theses that have bad countries, such its Iran and North Korea are not perceived population. These countries are very far from ordinary Czechs. "
Klaus then asked: "Do you think that the government should assure the Czechs?"
Klaus: "We need to clarify. From words to convince smells Bolshevism. During 1-x, you have to explain to people is impressive, what is the threat. And second, you have to explain why we need to express loyalty to the United States, our allies and partners . For me personally, other — more important argument than the first. "
Vaclav Klaus is always very cautious attitude toward centralizing tendencies in the European Union. "If Ukraine or the Balkans asked you once they join the EU, what would you answer them?" — Asked our radio journalists Czech president.
Klaus: "erasing features, management all from one center the harder, more states are included in the Alliance.’s Why I advise everyone to join the EU. More of us will be there, the weaker will be the power center of Brussels."

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