Valentin Mackiewicz: Government caught in a trap

Mackiewicz: "On a technical level, it is unrealistic while, it is not yet ready to North-European gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea. Through Ukraine can be a little more gas to Europe to fall, but the streams that go through us, are focused on the other strand gas pipelines through Poland. Therefore first Polish consumers will suffer, also Lithuanian.
Kalinowski: "Why, in your opinion, the Belarusian government does not pay its own debt to" Gazprom "and bring to the reduction of supply threats?"
Mackiewicz: "At first I could not believe in general that this is happening since the beginning of the year. Agreement was signed at a price of 100 dollars for a thousand cubic meters of gas, and I thought that she was paid … Such a situation is created by senior management, I think it comes from the president. This is his condition, so as not to increase tariffs for utilities companies to there was some limited increase in gas prices. And at the same time signed a contract with a price of 100 dollars. After all, it incompatible … Government trying to do this, and climbed into the trap, he started it all of us … "
Kalinowski: "Purchased as a means of privatization" Beltransgaz "- maybe they should pay?"
Mackiewicz: "The fact that privatization comes, it is true says vice-premiers» er Semashko, these funds should go to investments, they can not be taken up, so we can eat it all, it is very frisky pace. Next year, the price of gas will be even more great such makarom 4 years we can praestsi all our businesses, which laid eyes Russian businessmen. "
Kalinowski, "you regard the act of" Gazprom "as some economic pressure?"
Mackiewicz: "Totally, it is not only economic, it is political pressure.’m Not sure which at the moment has set conditions to provide Belarus Russian President Putin promised a year earlier loan … After all, he promised, Our homeland that Belarus will give a half billion dollars, if languid financial situation. Practically this is not true. Those who believed in these words — fallen into the trap. What other conditions are set now — the price of the privatization of Belarusian companies or the introduction of Russian ruble, they say we do not. But conditions are formulated, negotiators and those who come from Moscow, they know. "

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