Valery Buffalo: I believe in the solidarity of people and generations

As you know, the believer does not ask optimal evidence to support their own Faith. Real Faith — a state of mind and the meaning of existence, the ability to sacrifice themselves and not expect it for the comfort and satisfaction.
Generations of our people lived by faith in the, national, Belarus. Strange occupation, swing and izymatelstva, destruction and genocide, domination bugger could not deprive a person of Belarusians, delete our name, our culture and language with the annals of European civilization. Our people is eternal, as lives by faith, seeks to light standard.

I believe that Belarus belongs to the stately historic mission. In the centuries specifically our land was the eastern shore of cultural Europe. For us, for our towns with the Magdeburg law, for our Gothic and Renaissance monuments, for "Charter majestically Principality" for Vytautas stateliness and Skoryna always raspastsiravsya another world, infinitely stranger, not much is clear. World marked on ancient maps as Barbaricum. We are the heirs of national culture, which our forefathers did and where protection against the barbarians in the heroic battle. We rather just turn back the clock to uncover such treasures you envy the most traditional people. 200 years of the capital yoke seemed to undermine the people’s spirit and power deprived millions of our people. Belief in national revival lived a few.
But the Lord did not leave Belarusians. He showed the magic, majesty which is the biblical Lord victories. People escaped from the Empire and restored its statehood. Belarusian Spring began. I believe that it is not capable of winning pace suspend aperetachnaya restoration provincially Soviet bourbons, return to piyaneryi-Komsomol distraught Russification and assimilation of Belarusians.

I believe in the Belarusian Solidarity, solidarity of people and generations. Darkness has no power over us endless — this indicates to us our historical experience. Coeval-independent Belarus finish school and choose their own path-to-date. They do not know what someone else’s empire. For their Belarus — it is an unquestionable reality, historical reality.
But you must keep in mind the saying of our lesson Protz — Belarusian culture and civilization must develop and protect. NOT rejoice tricky illusion that somehow "things will get better by itself," what happens to get in all the criteria. Peoples who have tried to adapt to the cowardly alien regimes became helpless victim, blurs into nothing alien element.

White-red-white flag Christ and Byelorussian — our main common folk shrines. They always feared enemies of Belarus, they can not stand our offenders. After all these shrines made an invincible force, they are a source of free and dignified life.
I believe that restless skhalyastam demagogue and not get mislead Belarusians invented "fashionable" slogans and colorful bunting. Believe that the Belarusian young people do not go to a standstill for a false prophet, will not be obedient material in anti-Belarusian adventures.

I believe that the time will soon come when our people will be the real owner of their own land.
Valery Buffalo — art critic, translator, secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF.

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