Valery Buffalo: There is a substitution Dobchynskaga Bobchynskim

Znatkevich "Valery, I wanted to start our conversation with the latest developments. More than 9 pro-democracy activists, most of them members of an unregistered organization" Young Front ", detained by police on Mon evening in Minsk. Why, in your opinion, are made to this moment these detention is brand new wave of persecution? "
Buffalo: "Belarusian Patriotic Youth is on the front line of the struggle for our independence, for Belarusian culture and the future of our people. And pursuit of youth, feral repression against young people has become a reality, routine …
I’ve got confused by something else: a stroll through the streets and everywhere pasting leaflets about the "European march" Russian young people who can not answer the question of where they are invited to be on the march. Here are some posted, not knowing what to do, and other fighters arrested. This is a very situation of weird … "
Znatkevich: "But those who have posted, also was arrested."
Buffalo: "But I am more amazed that young people 15, 16 years now I could not answer the question, where they invite people, what is the mind of this so called" Euro march. "Very amazed since the first days existence, fight the Belarusian Popular Front, and young and old know what they are referring to people, as called for. "
"There comes the final phase of the plundering of municipal property Belarusians"
Znatkevich "Valery, I still wish to return to detention. Strolled In the last days the rumors about the arrest of the former head of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko and solely on Mon evening was exactly clear that he is at liberty. Either you connect new wave of persecution of opponents of the regime with nedavneshnimi changes in the leadership of the KGB? "
Buffalo: "There is a substitution Dobchynskaga Bobchynskim, because everything else — Auditor of the capital and the whole programm» n play — all remains without changes.
These processes are truly controlled from Moscow, but the fact that one group, one clan will seek to change the other clan, another group, it does not change the essence of the event.
Comes the final phase of the plundering of Belarusians municipal property, destruction of our state of the country, and it all happens at the behest of anti-Belarusian forces that controlled the opponent’s capital, from another center and, unfortunately, in most striking passivity Belarusian population at our people misunderstanding what is happening . "
"This destructive policy deadlock, destructive, a failure for us"
Znatkevich: "In this context, the question is just at the moment there are negotiations in Moscow between Concern" Gazprom "and" Beltransgaz "zavinavachanastsi on payment for the gas, Belarus receives from Russia. What are your predictions for the outcome of these negotiations?"
Buffalo: "Let there several paraphrase. NOT only gas man lives. All these economic processes, driven to delirium — the result of the policy of the current regime — anti-Belarusian, pro-Moscow, which exists in our country.
Belarusian Popular Front, our party, our analysts have warned and management of the country and people that this suicidal policy, deadlock, destructive, a failure for us. So here we are, that these warnings are implemented, unfortunately. "
Znatkevich: "And what’s candidacy offers Conservative Christian Party BPF, if it comes to power, for example, the same Russian gas?"
Buffalo: "It must be a different power system. Unrealistic simply unacceptable, so that power supply in our country happened to one, only the 1st source. Must be a number of sources. Because it has long been done in civilized and less civilized states.
You can take gas from the Arabs, oil Norwegians, but certainly, that in the future we will have the usual economic, commercial dealings with Russia, so Our homeland that itself can not exist without selling their own resources. "
"Conservatism — it’s the best traditions of devotion"
Znatkevich "Valery, you secretary of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. What are you conservative?"
Buffalo: "For me, as for my colleagues, conservatism — it’s the best traditions of devotion, the values that tested a long history of state and state practice. Conservatism — this zeal to act and develop, evolve culturally, municipal, public sense, emphasizing very rich layers of our European Belarusian Christian culture. "
Znatkevich: "To the question, what is conservatism, our correspondent asked now to answer people on the streets of Minsk."

Buffalo: "This survey led me to the idea, people in principle know the definition of conservatism from a philosophical dictionary Russian times — from the time when the correct definition was given. Many of them, saying even infantile little things, they live by a code of conservatism: preserve the best traditions of our Belarusian, but just do not know that this conservatism. As the hero of the French» n play does not know that he had read the prose of life. "
"We urge the Belarusian Solidarity"
Znatkevich: "You are talking about Belarusian traditions. How Conservative Christian Party BPF is ready to cooperate with other Belarusian organizations?"
Buffalo: "We urge the Belarusian solidarity — all people, all organizations, all the communities who live, work in Belarus."
Znatkevich: "From time to time the Conservative Christian Party BPF throw that it refuses to cooperate with those organizations that are also tied for first place national values with the same BPF with the same movement" For Freedom "led by Milinkevich. Not going there so that you insulate yourself from some politicians who declare their commitment to the values of the state? "
Buffalo "Fact, for a declaration that the action should go. We are for the fact that in politics, as in life corresponded to the word action.
If this is verbally, as a fellow Milinkevich, and later it occurs in St. Petersburg and declares that "loves, loves all Russian" that Belarus can not be anti-Russian opposition, then, you know, confidence in the such people, such politicians can not be. "
"Belarusian State policies state that do not have at the moment in Russia"
Znatkevich: "But there is a difference between" non-Russian "and" anti-Russian ". Milinkevich read specifically about antyraseyskasts. Antyimperskasts — this one, and antyraseyskasts as rejecting, say, Russian culture — that’s another …"
Buffalo: "See, you should always explain after these performances that meant such policies that went into the country, which is currently devastating anti-Belarusian imperial policy. Basically State has no policy what to do currently in Russia and even more so has no right to act with such mnogosmyslennyh, confused, very unusual declarations.
We are ready to cooperate, we call for the cooperation of all who speak not only verbally, but in the actions of their own, in their own policies for independent Belarus for Belarusian culture and language, who are willing to defend it to the end. We are ready to cooperate with at least what forces, who assured their words and actions of this particular standard. "
"Almost half of the sculptures, which in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg was evacuated from areas Nesvizh parks"
Buffalo: "Valery, you mentioned St. Petersburg.’re There trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in 19
70. What do you remember most from then?"
Buffalo: "Naturally, it was a happy time, the golden years. Remember the snowy night as we played with friends, and friends over the Neva, and Summer Garden.
Then I, a young man, did not know that almost half of the sculptures, which in the Summer Garden was evacuated Russian imperialist invaders with Nesvizh terrain parks. Walking through the halls of the Hermitage, in the ecstasy of being masterpieces, I did not know that a number of paintings by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Dutch painters was stolen and taken to the palace of Russians Paskevich in my hometown of Gomel.
Naturally, professors remember — notable people brightest spices. Abram Kaganovich, a Jew from Rahachou Belarusian, Russian culture, we read of the XVIII century. I remember my teacher Tsytsyliyu Niselshtravs, Igor Borteneva, the then beautiful professors.
Naturally, chickens» severe cases. There was a sudden meeting with Belarus majestic artist Marc Chagall. He’s in January 1973 year as just arrived in St. Petersburg. All unaware of his intention to visit the Academy, where he studied the young man, even before the First World War, all standing, and we professors, students, at the entrance to the academy and did not see how he ran around us began to play at the Academy, went in his old studio, and there just young painters held classes. And then we talked to him. This unforgettable moments like, communication eras — it’s very brightest memoirs. "

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