Vasil Bykov: Opposition BNF did a heroic act — also achieved sovereignty

Immediately after the adoption of July 27, 1990 the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipal I did for Lima interview with Vasil Bykov, in which he gave an assessment of the Declaration:
"In order to comply with this kind of documents own par, need corresponding political level of the national consciousness, expressed the democratic will of its management. And what is freedom here, in this room when the Supreme Council, which is perceived Declaration true reigned funeral mood, because it was done against the will of the majority. "
A year later, on August 25 91-yeah, again against the will of the parliamentary majority, but with the support of 10’s of thousands of residents of Minsk, who came to Independence Square, the opposition BNF also achieved by the Supreme Council of the Declaration of Sovereignty of giving constitutional status of forces. And — demanded new parliamentary elections ("brand new country — a new parliament"). Procommunist But much of that is running Kebich transformed into a group of "Belarus", using the arithmetic-esteem (the balance of forces was 10 to one) blocked almost all the proposals of the opposition BNF, to strengthen the independence and democratic market reforms. Had no opposition and support from so called "Moderates" deputies, who later dubbed themselves "young wolves" and» coalesced around Lukashenko. "Sovereignty — it’s not an icon on which to pray" — said one of them …
In July 1997, preparing for the transfer of the Declaration of Freedom, I called Vasil Bykov in Gobies — Vasil on several days came to his native village. Over goby was a thunderstorm, and the quality of telephone service was not the best.

"Well, of course, that any historical phenomenon acquires its current awareness from a distance of time. Across stories very hard to realize that nearby else. Especially a crucial phenomenon as suverennasts, say, that or other countries. Or her way to this sovereignty. Well as for sovereignty of Belarus, we can already say exactly what that happened, though not brought good results, but, certainly, it can not be overemphasized in historic proportions. It is very significant phenomenon, and although she we can say, finished anything she gave, in-1’s, a lesson in-2, it is once again laid the foundation. And in the end, I think that these foundations ever justified and useful. Well, if it is — hard to say.
What did for the opposition in the Supreme Council, I think that in those criteria, while specifically opposition Belarusian Popular Front made a heroic deed by saying that this particular also achieved sovereignty. This, of course, her reward. And what more, regardless of what it will end — regardless of that, the fate of Belarus in general — again, in the historical dimension it will be very important and it will be evaluated through the centuries. And there is not so important, it completed a large fortune, though, of course, the chance was very rare. Well, apparently, the company at first, for some reason could not use this chance. But, though the attempt is made, may be the most constructive and final attempt of all attempts. And the trouble — it happens from time to time more substantially and more than tongued fortunes for some, especially for half a fortune. I think that time — the rate. "

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