Vetkovskiy district: fire victims until the country without the assistance of

Large fire in Tumarine happened on August 16. With unquenched peat fire spread to the village. Burned seven houses of sixteen, suffered a lot of commercial buildings and property of the villagers.
In a large family Yuri Romashkina fire destroyed outbuildings and livestock. Three kids relatives took in Gomel — where they at the moment and trained.
Family hoped to get some help to the beginning of the school year to collect the kids to school. But only recently received a message from Vetkovskiy executive committee.
Emperor Yuri:
"Only just received a letter from the Executive Committee that the accrued compensation for three months — four thousand rubles a penny. "
Romachkin Emperor and his wife did on svinakomplekse resettled in the village after Chernobyl Unsullied Puddles. The complex is owned by dairy plant. Currently Romachkin offer a service in the home of a branch:
"Offering a farm house in the" Agricultural services "with such criteria, we will be there to work. I must carry their own kids in this house and departure branch in the school. And spouse must also go to work in the" Agricultural services. "It is from 5 to 10 am will be on the farm for milking. And who send kids to school?
You do and you will squeeze all the juice. Like it or not, for you have given housing — and not be sick. And if you quit now, or tomorrow, next week should leave this house. "
In Tumarine some inhabitants had constant residence. Lived in the homes of parents, leaving urban apartments families own adult children.
At the moment, people pester various levels to establish its right on the scorched home.
Not yet received compensation even those who regularly paid premiums.
Says pensioner Valentina Simonova:
"I lived in Tumarine with spouse unless there was a fire. Insurance does not even get — I’m paying insurance premiums. Wherever you go, then you need it. Wailing and all. Collect the documents said. Allegedly, served them in Gomel. And there is utter about the results — which scorched compensation for the property will give us. And home Vetka promise to give us. "
In turn, vice-chairman Vetkovskiy executive committee, curator of housing issues Alexander Glazunov said our radio:
"At the moment of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee created a working group, headed by Peter Sawicki. Consider the questions personally on each application. These statements will be oriented to the working group, which will give a legal assessment of the harm inflicted by the fire. Know the source of funding for compensation for the damage. Statements still come. Appeals those specifically affected, we do not leave unattended. statements I received only on Friday, September 19. Now here I examine them. "

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