Vitebsk: beaten independent candidate Andrei Levinov

The attack was from behind,Andrew Levinov very hit his head on the wall. From the unknown, he heard a few words, something like "maybe for you it is too late to withdraw from the election."
Andrew Levinau had to turn to doctors who recorded the presence of injuries. But the statement to the police independent candidate filed until he is not sure that employees will find it offenders.
Levinov notes that this attack — most ruthless manifestation by those who for whatever reason are not satisfied with his nomination. As for other electoral problems, they have it the same as in other democratic candidates — first difficulties associated with the campaign. For example, now in the October District Court, he tried to appeal the ban on campaign pickets in various parts of town. Deputy Chief Executive Committee Chairman Paul Losich who signed the waiver, the tribunal was not. Referee Natalia Khil’kevich City Council recognized the ban justified.

Tags: elections, Vitebsk, assault, Levin

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