Vladimir Orlov: Already trying to write

OrlovI while ‘m in intensive care, where phone discussions are not very encouraged, but try to answer all calls and sms. They suddenly much, although I did not want to expand the news about my surgery. I called friends, acquaintances and complete strangers not only from Belarus, and from Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland. Just wished health staff channel "Belsat".
RadkevychIf you promise to write down what the doctor they say?
OrlovI still live the first day after surgery, and forecasts when discharged unavailable. But I hope that the whole process of healing, rehabilitation does not take more than a month, at least such preparatory presentation doctors.
As for return to his desk, then at me there is a table at which I’m trying something now draw, because the writer is a writer in at least some situations. And yesterday, before the operation, I also one hundred percent control of his emotions, observations …
Radkevych: At one point, your already lying in the clinic ended literary fruitfully, you have written about this story raschudesny. Today patraplenne the clinic is also the creative impulse?
Orlov: While free verse began to take shape — about yesterday’s events and about the human condition in general, caught in such marginal situations … Tags: hospital, eagles, operation

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