Volozhin: police eliminated Caravan Youth Camp

Four students were detained and taken in Volozhin. Policemen claimed written explanations and made fingerprints of detainees. Later tent city destroyed.
One Young people — Alexei Trubkin got in touch with Radio Liberty, when the police began to destroy the tent:
"Well, what can we do if there 5" cops "and still unknown for another service? Came, uttered:" Guys, all — leave. "
Ask Alexei invite anyone to the phone of the policemen.
"You could talk to a journalist?" — Asks Alex.
The answer is negative. Alexey explains that the police refer to superior orders Volozhinski police department Igor Shakun.
On your office phone lieutenant colonel Shakun nobody removes headphones. The policeman on duty explained that, allegedly, has no other channel of communication with your boss:
"Call. Yet it is not."
At that time in the Volozhin police department police chief has personally interrogated previously detained in the camp Young people. Details our radio said Vitaly Karatysh:
"We refused to take back the — 40 km from the location delivered. Volozhinski police department chief said:" If you refuse to remove your own tent city, you will have prepyadstviya. "And here we were taken to a separate room," skated "fingers. District police chief ensure that we quickly went from "his" district. We agreed. But on one condition, that we can withdo it tomorrow. Head, but ended the conversation. Said, so get in place without the help of others. Besides, we were promised a continuation of the story is now in the evening. "
About 17 hours Trubkin Alex said that the police turned into a camp tent paskidavshy in a bunch of stuff. Young under escort to deliver Vałožyn police department.

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