Vox Populi: Why Independence day is celebrated on July 3?

Reporter: "Why July 3 — Independence day?"
Boys: "In my opinion, after the adoption of the Constitution. It was adopted Third number … In March … March 25. "
Reporter: "And when Republic of Belarus began to be independent? "
Guy: "In 1946."
Retiree: "July 3 — day of liberation of Minsk. Belarus became to be independent, for sure, in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR. I think so …"
Woman: "July 3 was released Minsk".
Young Man: "Belarus has become to be independent in 1991."
Man: "Belarus is not then, in 1991, began to be independent, but when its our fathers and grandfathers were released. Belarus could be before a day or under the yoke. Yesterday Belarus became independent of the Soviet Union, the CIS tomorrow … And all this independence will change. "
Young Man: "Why July 3? Somewhere … So decided to clear as substantiated. No options already."
Reporter: "You have come to the municipal red-green flag."
Young Man: "This is for camouflage." (Cmyaetstsa.)
Man: "No such prazdnichka July 3. Fact, that the July 3, 1655 Russian troops captured Minsk. Something to celebrate, when half of Belarus today in 1944 was occupied? "
Reporter: "What would you have chosen as the day of Independence day?"
Man: "March 25."
Young Man: "Now a day of liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders."
Reporter: "What a day fits days of Independence?"
Young Man: "On this question I do not answer. "

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