Walk into the mountains to meet with Vaclav Havel

Nikolai Khalezin, Natalya Kolyada and Vladimir Shcherban to meet Havel had to reach on foot. However, they have been walking only a few km from the railway station in the Czech region Krkanoshe to dacha homestead Gradachek.
Gradachek became known precisely because of many years of local life Havel. Cottage was not the only writer of his shelter — gathered here Czech dissidents held various cultural events. During impending Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution was born the motto of those who supported the idea of nominating presidential Havel: "With gryadochki — on Castle!" (Prague Castle — the historic seat of Czech kings and presidents).
Already being in the highest policy, Havel, as his assistant, English playwright Tom Stoppard, became the guardian of the "Free Theatre", which in Belarus has itsth stage and live by the rules of the underground theater. Performances are put on personal homes or even in the woods. Spectators are always in their contemporary context. (Yes, a play based on the works of Harold Pinter Nobel lyavreta staged "Free Theatre" supplemented sheets Akrestsin political prisoners). Director Vladimir Shcherban for cooperation with Khalezin had to give up work in Kupala theater.
Vaclav Havel such subjects as already recalled the long-standing history — for example, as police tried to prevent the "underground" concert illegal group Plastic People of Universe — it happened in the same country, the same gryadochki …
Havel’s neighbor to testify Andrew Krobo, film and theater director, one of the first members of Charter 77, timed to meet the show’s own recent film "Phenomenon Gradachek." In ancient barn with the smell of an old movie screen with utensils heard arguments about the «genius loci» Attractions . And, behind the usual wood table for tea with cherry and blueberry pie, Havel asked Belarusian guests — whether simply to travel with the Belarusian passport, can not they be in time-out» from depriving citizenship?
Guests were told that so and wished them "expel", they all the same will vorachivatsya and Havel invited to Belarus. Nikolai Khalezin told about preparation for the European March in autumn, how Belarusians appeal inspired Mick Jagger with the slogan "Long live Belarus!". Havel here agreed to record a video message to your beloved citizens of Belarus them. Meaning of his appeal — not to lose patience and hope and learn to relate to the dictatorship with humor — then she would not survive.
In pictures: Vaclav Havel and the audience during the cultural programs from the villa Saturday to gryadochki. Nikolai Khalezin Vaclav Havel passes his» n play "Generation Jeans". "Free Theatre" Havel presented the flag, which later all have seen in the window.
• «Free Theatre" arranged cooperative show with Czech troupe, 18.03.2007 • «Free Theatre" opens Nobel laureate Harold Pinter, 30.11.2006

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