We performed the job Stalin traveled Stalin route number 2.

"Star" in 1937 quoted Valery Chkalov, who during a meeting of the crew ANT-25 Negoreloye said: "The fact that we are on sovetskogo land fills our hearts with joy. Stalin We performed the job, Stalin traveled route number 2. We overpowered as us all multimillion sovetskogo people. Neither snowstorm or blizzard, no winds and cyclones could not send us the Stalinist way, as we turn away from this path could not and do not know how. We are ready for new victories, to new ways. Comrade Stalin — Hurrah! "
"Lim" in 1947 report from the national meeting of Writers of Belarus: "In the conditions of one of the manifestations of the BSSR paklonstva before Western culture is a false theory that light penetrated into the culture of Belarus from the West, through the Polish and Lithuanian country through the Roman Catholic religion, and not with East — from Russia. So makarom, declaring Scorina founder of the Belarusian education and culture, we are reducing the time history of their own culture and break the historical truth, since the origins of our culture are in Russian national monuments such as "Lay" and others. . "
"It will soon be two years with disastrous flight a day or U.S. air swimmers John Jervis and Alan Drenkela over Berezovsky district … — Remember to
1997 "Narodnaya Volya". — While diplomats pikiruyutstsa with interstate commission of experts inhabitants Birches with pain in heart and buried remains of a basket ball, and in the river put a big stone. Not including the date and outlines the cross on it there is only one word: "Sorry …"

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