Web — salvation for teens?

Initially, it was a word. Word was "lonely"
Life kids and teenagers of the web to be more lonely, says philosopher David Vaynberger. In his research, he writes that before the emergence of free access to the web of people, particularly children, felt more alone than at the moment.
According to the researchers, the web gives children a tremendous place to communicate with those who do realize and implement their own ideas. "Previously, the kids had a lot of limitations in space and society. Online they can just find those who will learn and approve their ideas. Addition, the web can significantly accelerate the intellectual development of the baby."
For teenagers, whose outlook is just being formed, the web may be the soul and the outer universe and dependence, and salvation, and the illness and medication.
Svyatayana Emyallyanava graduated from the 10th class of one of Minsk schools. Woman interested in literature, poetry, psychology and art, many times became the winner of urban competition for Russian and Belarusian literature. To the web for information and addresses, so to speak, "in the case", and for the sake of communication, new acquaintances. However, she says, do not run across these dating in real measurement, remaining acquaintances with virtual life.
Svyatayana: "If it’s chat, I can sit up all night on the Web — from evening until the early hours — and, moreover, did not get tired, do not want to sleep, I will not yawn … It is a given that at this time on the Web together with me will be at least one person, with whom I will be curious to talk. "
But this amount of time before the monitor does not consider the state of female dependence. And sure if something similar depending on it will have, it will take, see and be able to overcome.
But the 16-year-old Oleg Shapilo believes that the Web — at first for the cause.
Oleg: "I appeal there when I need to write a letter to friends from other cities or states — Russia, Poland … I do not like EMS, excluding only the 1st Forum — a forum punks Minsk.’s Where I love my replica which thrust — about music, about any song, music announcements and so on. "
Reporter: "How much time you can spend there?"
Oleg: "At the forum? Less than 15 minutes."
Is the soul to addiction?
Marina Avtukhovich — Student of 5th course mental faculty Minsk Pedagogical University. Practice in one of Minsk secondary schools as a school psychologist, she came face to face with the era of online teens thinking. Teachers complain that kids seek out the works and essays in the virtual space. Accordingly, do not develop the ability of the formulation and presentation of his own thoughts.
In addition, quite often not the lowest performance adolescents due peragruzhanastsi educational applets, and because the kids are sitting NIGHT MODE on the Web. But such a thing as Internet addiction, according to the views of psychologist — very personal thing. It threatens the child or not — depends on the parameters of his psyche and mind.
Autukhovich: "It is a personal matter. Someone general web browsing is not interested, and some delayed once, and you can just talk about the addiction — when the kids just go on with brain games, for example. And their thinking changed. They begin to reality receive incorrect. Practically do not live in the real world and the virtual, you might say. Oblivious to the world around us, and people. It asks certain boundaries. "
But Constantine Oleynik, managing numerous projects for the development of creative thinking of children and adolescents, according to a high-quality web inventory for disclosure of personal talents and artistic inclination children. Say, a difficult adolescence substantially for everyone. But for creative individuals it is often converted to another great anguish, because the mentality of creative kids — more painful, more susceptible. This inevitably causes problems in the relationship.
Oleinik: "The most important thing for the kids, somehow limited in conversation, barely acquainted, talk — here, on the web, we have the opportunity to talk to them, hiding behind a nick name for the Internet. This is — an opportunity to open up, open it, that inside, in the shower — it helps in the end realized. And all these guests of Live Jornal — they later finally meet in real life … Because it turns out that love, which appeared virtually certainly turned into real knowledge. "
Employees of foreign security services warned of the right care in the web — as children and adolescents and their parents. Openness and raznyavolenasts typical adult online visitors dampen a sense of security. And often in the same live-Journal for the children talk about themselves and their families very personal information, often used for the benefit of the offender himself.

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