Were sold games Belarusian football team?

It is said that it is necessary to find Shantalosova in Novosibirsk, where he coached goalkeepers local club "Siberia" of the first Russian football league. But in "Siberia" say that in the midst of employees of the club such person not.
U.Berazhkov "Shantalosov has several passports"
Maybe Shantalosov already went somewhere. Especially since, Vladimir Berazhkou, editor in chief of the Belarusian sports newspaper "Pressball" Now in an interview our Radio said that Shantalosova, as he understood, not one, but several passports:
"He is a citizen of Belarus, registered in Minsk. Has several passports. It comes in well-organized group. With one passport he travels to Cyprus, with the second — lives in Russia, with a third — arrives in Belarus."
Either players took money — is unclear, but the result was perfect …
Specifically, the article "Operation Mole" Vladimir Berezhkova in December 2004 and began the story. Based on the discussions and record telephone conversations stated that Belarus team matches with the Czech Republic and Moldova have agreed, in other words, dishonest.
The article was written in the sports camp "bevy", where trained Belarusian players, came the man newspaper named "famous footballer W" in association with "known Russian sports journalists P". They offered money footballer to those lost matches with the desired difference of goals scored and conceded, "minus 2" against the Czechs, and "minus 1" against the Moldovans.
Or took money players — is unclear, but the Czech Republic Belarusians lost 1:3 and Moldova — 1:2. Specifically, because that was necessary.
A.Aleynikav: "This is the first court case similar to the territory of the former USSR"
Article dismantled at a meeting of the executive committee of the Belarusian Football Federation. And all materials newspaper referred to the prosecutor. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Oleynikov who is currently retired, two years back and opened a criminal case under article "Bribery of participants and organizers of sporting events and Prof. commercial competition" of the Criminal Code. Now in an interview with our Radio Alexander Oleynikov said
"I am an adherent of that, if there is a law, it must be done. This first such lawsuit on the ground of the former USSR. And it is necessary that it has reached to its logical end. They dubbed it the name of the person blamed. I discover this is not permitted. "
Here we need clarification. Surname Shantalosova indicated in the newspaper "On Guard" — the official organ of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. It is here printed an interview with the Chief of Investigation Department of the Metropolitan Police investigation preparatory Gennady Kazakevich, who said that "the famous footballer W" this is Valery Shantalosov. There is a suspicion that he had acted in favor of Russian crooks.
"Belarusian football is not absolutely spotless, but it is cleaner if Russian"
Vladimir Berazhkou Radio Liberty said now that he is very trusts that this case goes to court:
"If people will convicted, even if he will not be condemned, but the tribunal held, then it will be for us a great-great moral incentive for future work in the genre of investigative journalism and find controversial topics. Guys will feel that they do not work in vain. "
And there is an agreement in the Belarusian championship game? Here’s how that answers this question sports journalist in the past — the press secretary of the football club "Dynamo" (Minsk) Sergey Olehnovich:
"If this thing appeared, one can imagine for themselves what and Belarusian football is not perfectly clean. But it clearer whether Russian or some other championships because no such huge funds revolve in our football championship. I believe that there are such cases. But to decipher them to remove a mole from the ground, you need a lot of much effort. "

After losing the football team of Belarus Bulgaria month reversed (0:2), Romanian newspaper "ProSport" accused Belarusians paid for losing her entrepreneur from Israel Misha Dark — last citizen of the USSR. It means significant contributions to football in Bulgaria. But evidence of the Romanian edition was not. Team Romania and Bulgaria are the one group with Belarus and compete among themselves for a ticket to the finish of the European Championship.

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